Why choose Pristine Vodka?

Get excited with the vodka that has your lifestyle in mind. A true, authentic, rich and clean adventurous experience from start to finish.


Opening a bottle of Pristine Vodka is unlocking the pure taste of nature. From the fertile fields of the Ukraine and the mountain springs of the high Carpathian peaks to your glass. The premium brand brings the simplicity and taintless wonder of nature to your reach.

The combination of smooth texture and refreshing taste is what Pristine represents. Top quality ingredients are enhanced through a meticulous 5x charcoal filtration and 5x distillation process, transforming this wheat-based premium vodka into a truly PRISTINE spirit. The union between natural components and top-of-the-line technologies is what creates a uniquely pure and crisp product. Pristine Vodka is an award winning premium spirit. In its short time on the market, Pristine has gained the respect and admiration of those who appreciate premium quality, taste and an incredible value.


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Unrivaled purity. Unescapibly refreshing. Reaching new heights. Finally a premium vodka like no other that you can call your own.

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Pristine's History

Like the many citizens that have built this great nation for decades, in 1990 Alexander Bratslavsky came here from his home country. He traveled from the Ukraine to share a piece of the American…

Product Details

Pristine Vodka incorporates the purity of nature to reach a new level of excellence. The filtration and distillation process enhance the natural ingredients, creating a refreshingly smooth texture…

Vodka Rating

Clear. Clean, neutral nose with hints of cream and fruit bread aromas and flavors. Round and silky smooth with a dryish medium-to-full body and a long sweet meringue, spice, nut, and river stone…


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