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Pristine’s History


Opening a bottle of Pristine Vodka is unlocking the pure taste of nature. From the fertile fields of the Ukraine and the mountain springs of the high Carpathian peaks to your glass. The premium brand brings the simplicity and taintless wonder of nature to your reach.

The combination of smooth texture and refreshing taste is what Pristine represents. Top quality ingredients are enhanced through a meticulous charcoal filtration and distillation process, transforming this wheat-based premium vodka into a truly PRISTINE spirit. The union between natural components and top-of-the-line technologies is what creates a uniquely pure and crisp product. Pristine Vodka is an award winning premium spirit. In its short time on the market, Pristine has gained the respect and admiration of those who appreciate premium quality, taste and an incredible value.

About the Founder, Alexander Bratslavsky

Alexander Bratslavsky, has passionately worked to deliver the premium quality of his homeland vodka to the consumers of the United States premium vodka market. In 1989, Alexander left the Ukraine to share a piece of the American dream with his family. He had the ambition to bring his own vodka brand to his new home and began a business importing Ukrainian vodka. He undertook all facets of the business and built a brand to embody the simplicity and elegance of the name ’Pristine.’ His hard work and perseverance brought him success and recognition from the Small Business Administration for outstanding entrepreneurship. Alexander was the proud recipient for the Award for Excellence in 2004.

Alex returns regularly to his native Ukraine to oversee the unique distillation process of his product, ensuring the perfection he seeks in both his ethics as a businessman and in his award winning Pristine Vodka. What you can now share with family and friends is the result of hard work and determination. Pristine Premium Vodka has absorbed the best of Ukraine and delivered unsurpassed quality to the US market. Awaken your taste buds with Pristine Vodka!


  • Rated 93 Points – Beverage Tasting Institute
  • Rated 93 Points – Tasting Panel Magazine
  • Featured in the prestigious Robb Report
  • Excellence in Small Business Award