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See what people are saying about this amazing and exciting brand of vodka. Consumers buying Pristine, restaurant/bar owners serving Pristine, liquor stores selling Pristine and newcomers experiencing Pristine for the first  time, all agree Pristine is a cut above the rest in a large ocean of top shelf vodkas. See what everyone is raving about here!


Marcy A , Google Review, 5 Stars

” Pristine vodka is absolutely wonderful. I purchased a bottle upon the recommendation of a business colleague. I found it at a liquor store off exit 15 of the I-87 Northway, in the plaza with the Target store. We broke it open over the Labor Day weekend. Chilled it in the freezer first and served it up straight or on the rocks. It was so smooth. I am sure it would make a great martini, but I just hated to tarnish that ‘pristine’ taste with anything else. My colleague was absolutely right about Pristine. Pristine is now my go-to vodka for top shelf vodka. The price was less than Grey Goose or Ketel One. I just wish there were more places that stocked it. I guess it will take time and lots of customer requests to get this little gem on the shelves of more restaurants and stores. I would suggest you start looking for this one. I understand it is only currently available in New York State.”  


DF Peters, Fishkill, NY, Customer & Fan

“As we walked by you and your display at Viscount Wine and Liquors in Fishkill, NY a day or two before Christmas, you talked us into tasting Pristine. We were reluctant to put down the bottle of Grey Goose (my brother-in-law’s favorite) that we were about to buy. We were believers after the first taste, it was my brother-in-law we were not sure of. He did not seem impressed at all when we showed up Christmas day and presented him with the two bottles of Pristine we had purchased. Many hours later, he called us expressing how good it was. Thank you, keep up the good work. Pristine will be my choice of vodka for the foreseeable future.”  


Matthew Landolt, Manager, Viscount Wine & Liquor, Wappinger Falls, NY

“This terrific new vodka sold out at both tastings at my store at the end of last year. This is one of the best values we carry in a very large vodka section.”


Debora Zecchini, General Manager, Chianti II Ristorante

“Chianti Il Ristorante had the honor to host the world premiere restaurant tasting of Pristine Vodka just before the Thanksgiving holiday. This promotion was a huge success and brought great attention to Pristine’s quality and drinkability, as well as Chianti Ristorante’s bar atmosphere. Pristine martinis were the preferred drink of the evening and guests were more than happy to try the vodka upon suggestion from the Chianti staff. Alexander Bratslavsky, the president of Tovtry Importing, the company responsible for importing Pristine vodka from the Ukraine, was on hand for all three nights of the promotion to speak with guests about the product and encourage them to try it. Chianti is extremely thankful for the opportunity to showcase Pristine and offer Alex a restaurant outlet for his outstanding product. We wish Alex all the best as he sells his product. It was a pleasure working with him and we would do so again without hesitation..” 


Todd Yutzler, Owner, Delaware Plaza Wine & Liquor, Delmar, NY

“I am the owner of Delaware Plaza Wine and Liquour in Delmar, New York. We had the pleasure of hosting the world premiere tasting of Pristine Vodka.Wow! What a wonderful product. It has a great name, a beautiful bottle and the vodka inside is tremendous. Pristine was very well received by consumers and staff alike. It is one of the best vodkas on the market and a great value. I would recommend Pristine to any vodka drinker. We will continue to support Pristine Vodka for years to come.”


Anthony Petrocofski, Owner, 4-Corners Liquor Store, West Sand Lake, NY

“The first time I tasted Pristine Vodka, I was very impressed with the quality, a refined smooth character. Also, as an ultra premium category vodka, the price makes Pristine a very smart purchase for the consumer’s dollar. In my opinion, Pristine Vodka is at the top of the list of all spirits I’ve tasted as a best buy for quality and price.”


Mark S., Voorheesville, NY

“This is our new go to for filthy hot dirty martinis. We live right here in Voorheesville and [Pristine Vodka] was recommended by our great little liquor store right here in town. My wife was a big fan of Grey Goose but she is on board with the switch. This is as good as it gets. I might get her to share her ultimate dirty martini recipe if you are interested. It is heaven in a martini glass combined with your smooth delightful vodka. Salute!”