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REVIEW RATING, Rated 93 Points, Exceptional International Review of Spirits Award: Gold Medal

Since 1981, is renowned professional review company for wine, spirits and beer that help consumers discover and try high quality brands. Its methodology has remained a gold standard within the industry through its meticulous, fair and objective process. Today, its prestigious International Review of Spirits® is an annual tastings competition built firmly on a foundation of scientific, organoleptic evaluation that showcases quality spirits brands. Tasting note.“Clear. Clean, neutral nose with hints of cream and fruit bread aromas and flavors. Round and silky smooth with a dryish medium-to-full body and a long sweet meringue, spice, nut, and river stone accented finish. Superbly smooth and elegantly styled.” Tasting note. Clear. Very neutral aromas reveal only a hint of bread and dried fruit with a soft, dry-yet-fruity medium body and a very clean and long Creme Anglaise, slate, jicama and peppery spice driven finish. A superbly stylish and character rich vodka.

Tasting note. Beverage Tasting Institute, Rated 93 Points, Exceptional International Review of Spirits Award: Gold Medal Clear. Mild aroma of raisin bran and creme brulee with a soft, silky dryish medium body and a buoyant starfruit, dried lemon, grass, and wet stone accented finish. A clean, lively vodka that will shine on its own or in a martini. 2010, 2011, 2012


Summer Sips Spirits Review | Robb Report 

Produced and bottled in Ukraine, this wheat-based vodka is made with icy, pure water sourced from the Carpa­thian Mountains. Distilled five times for maximum clarity and crispness, the spirit is slowly gravity-fed through a three-story charcoal filtration system—a process that is also repeated five times. The result is a sweet, floral, yet peppery flavor profile with a river-stone-smooth texture.

Tasting Panel Magazine, Spirits Review, RATING: 93 points (Exceptional)

Lush vanilla nose; creamy, sweet vanilla and lovely creme anglaise  flavors; long and smooth, seductive with a nice hit of alcohol on the finish; extreme and quite beguiling.

Pristine Vodka

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