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5 Vodka Recipes That You Must Try

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Food, friends, and vodka is the best combination you can have for a perfect occasion. If wine is what you choose for a calm finer experience, Pristine Vodka is what you can choose for any occasion. Vodka goes well with lots of food. It is versatile, gets you hammered to your heart’s content, and gives you time to make some of the best memories of your life. So why not add some flavor to your favorite Russian drink and make it more enjoyable? Here are the five best vodka recipes we have compiled that you must try.

Vodka is one of the best drinks that really work well with a multitude of flavors. Give it a little twist to make it more enjoyable, and we assure you that you will keep coming back to these recipes every time you have a drinking party.

Best Vodka Recipes


The 90s were a great time. It gave us a lot to feel nostalgic about, including the classic cosmopolitan vodka cocktail. Here is the recipe to this time tested vodka drink.


  • Pristine vodka – 1.50 oz
  • Orange liqueur – 0.5 oz
  • Fresh lime juice – 0.5 oz
  • Cranberry juice –  1 oz

Mix up all the ingredients and shake them up with ice. You could go full bartending with the shaking part, and you are welcome to show off all your shaker skills. But do remember to strain the mix into a chilled martini glass and serve with an orange garnish.

Pair it up with a Margarita Pizza for an elevated food vodka experience.

Classic Martini

Most people tend to have a palette that is more aligned with the traditional cocktail Recipes. This recipe can be a sure-fire way to help you impress your guests.


  • Ice
  • Pristine vodka – 1.70 oz
  • Dry vermouth
  • Olive or lemon twist

Fill the shaker with ice, add in the vodka, and a splash of dry vermouth. You can stir or shake as you prefer. Pour into your martini glasses and garnish with lemon or olive twists. This goes well with most upscale dinner courses.


It is quite hard to miss this bright-colored vodka mix, as it is like one of the most popular refreshing drinks ever. It is best done with fresh ingredients.


  • Pristine vodka – 1.50 oz
  • Fresh orange juice
  • Fresh citrus fruit

Switch the martini glasses with a highball glass. Add ice generously to the tall glass and pour in the vodka, fresh orange juice. Stir the mix and garnish with a citrus wedge. Add in some grilled fish for a flavorful delight. Salmon would be a great choice as well.

The Negroski

Negroski is the European version of the popular Negroni cocktail. Every sip of this delightful drink gives you a bitter yet sweet taste that lingers on.


  • Pristine vodka – 1 oz
  • Campari – 1 oz
  • Sweet vermouth

Campari is a bitter orange liqueur that adds to the bitter part of the bittersweetness of Negroski. Take a highball glass, fill it up with ice up to the half level. Pour in the ingredients and stir for 30 seconds. The drink should be served cold for better taste. Strain the mix into a cocktail glass and garnish with an orange peel twist.

Add in some smoked salmon and cream cheese for a fine dining experience.

White Russian

If you have seen the cult classic The Big Lebowski and wondered how to make the dude’s favorite drink for yourself, we got you covered.


  • Pristine vodka – 1 oz
  • Coffee liqueur – 0.5 oz
  • Cream –  0.5 oz

Take a glass of your liking, throw in some ice, and pour all the ingredients. Stir the mix and garnish with grated nutmeg.

The sweetness of vodka pairs well with this coffee-based cocktail. 

Some Tips To Make Vodka More Enjoyable

Although vodka is great and all, you can further accentuate the experience with the help of the tips below:

  • Do you know how sometimes less is more? It is very much true with Vodka. Portion your vodka shots to small one-ounce shot glasses. Small shots help you savor the drink slowly and get into socialization without getting hammered early on. This is especially true for dinner parties where getting drunk early on kind of takes away the fun.
  • Make vodka the primary focus of any cocktail you make. While flavors are good to have, they shouldn’t really be overshadowing the star of the show. Make sure it is the vodka that leads your recipes.
  • If you intend to consume vodka along with food, choose a cleaner, and light-textured vodka. The Pristine Vodka would suit each occasion the best.
  • Some food pairings that go well with vodka are caviar, pickles, smoked salmon, steak, and cheese varieties like goat cheese, dill cheeses, and ricotta.
  • Enjoy drinking vodka with a friend. Having a drinking buddy always makes the experience more enjoyable.
  • Stock up on good vodka mixers. Sometimes guests arrive unexpectedly, and you might just crave a shot of vodka only to know that you have run out of mixers. Not everyone can drink vodka without mixers as it can have quite a strong effect, unlike beer.

What Are Your Favorite Vodka Recipes?

Vodka tastes amazing when drunk alone, but you can further amplify its taste and serve yourself with some change with these amazing vodka recipes. The best part of these recipes is that they are easy to try and pack in a lot of fun with every sip.

Simply, get your hands on Pristine Vodka and try these recipes today. Do not forget to share your best recipe with us in the comments below.

Do you have a vodka recipe that you would like to share with us? Write to us in the section below.

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