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Try Pristine for Free!

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How to Drink Vodka for FREE

Hey readers! We’re happy to share with you that Pristine Vodka will be available to try, for FREE at All Star Wine and Spirits in Latham, NY on Sunday May 20th from 1pm-5pm. Stop by, say hello, and try the vodka that EVERYONE is talking about! Learn how to drink vodka like a pro- neat or on the rocks. Pristine is the only premium vodka on the market with a price that won’t make you want to scream. Try it, buy it, and love it! 

How to Drink Vodka– Let me Count the Ways…

There are as many ways to drink vodka as there are ways to skin a cat (or so the saying goes. I can’t actually think of more than one way to skin a cat, but I digress). That is to say, there are MANY. 

At Pristine Vodka, we pride ourselves in the unparalleled natural refreshment and crisp, clean flavor of Pristine. So naturally, we prefer Pristine vodka over ice, or maybe with just a lime for garnish.

If you’re more of a cocktail fan, you might want to visit our Cocktails page for a burst of inspiration. For the creative type, we invite you to create your own concoction and submit it to us! 

It’s always nice to meet a fellow connoisseur. Hope to see you at the tasting!