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Benefits of Vodka: 7 Ways Vodka Is Actually Good For You

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Benefits of vodka: it is the easiest drink to order. You can go to the fanciest place with weird cocktail names you have never heard, and don’t want to look like a newbie, so just order a vodka martini and call it a day. Nobody will look at you weird.

Vodka is made from grains and potatoes, but some vodkas, like Pristine Vodka, also use other unique ingredients to give it a special twist. Plus, you can mix it with pretty much anything and call it a cocktail, so it goes a long way on a tight budget.

As fantastic as this drink is, would you ever believe that in olden times the vodka was more medicine than an alcoholic beverage that is the life source of sorority groups everywhere?

It turns out, vodka is one of the healthiest drinks you can consume, and we will give you seven reasons.

Health Benefits of Vodka

1. Heart health

Vodka has an effect on your body, where it increases the flow of blood and influences circulation. When your blood circulation is right, you stay protected from clogged arteries, blood clots, strokes, and many other heart diseases.

Besides, this is a low-calorie drink that you can consume if you are trying to watch your weight, and don’t want to pump yourself full of sugar. 

2. Disinfectant properties

When you see people in the movies pour some alcohol in their cuts after a tight action scene, it is not a myth. Alcohol, especially vodka, is well known for its disinfectant properties.

We are not saying that you dip your finger in vodka next time you slice your finger open while cooking. The trick is to dilute it with some distilled water, and you have an impressive antiseptic that can kill any germ.

3. Cures bad breath

On the same note, since vodka is an excellent germ killer, it is an excellent solution if you have constant bad breath or have a toothache. Take a small couple of sips, and dilute it with some water.

Then swirl it around your mouth. You will instantly feel a tingling effect based on the damage to your gums and teeth, and you will notice that your breath is refreshed.

You can also give your toothbrush a rinse off with a little vodka, and you have a squeaky clean brush, which is really good for your oral hygiene.

4. Stress buster

To be fair, you can call any alcohol a stress buster. We mean, that is the whole job description of an alcoholic beverage. But we are talking about the fact that vodka is super low calorie, and it has a relaxant that helps you fall asleep.

All the while, it calms down your brain and body, which is essential if you are stressed out. That does not mean every day you should be drowning in a tub of Pristine vodka. Make sure your drinking is moderate, and you are not overwhelming your body with too much alcohol consumption. 

What we are saying is, old-timey doctors used to give expecting mothers vodka to prevent stress-induced premature labor. As barbaric as that might sound to us, with all the modern medicinal solutions at hand, it worked pretty well. 

5. Improves skin and hair

This is one of the amazing benefits of Vodka. For this experiment, we need you to put the glass down and stop drinking for once. The skin and hair benefits are an external application. People who suffer from acne have dysfunctional skin bacteria that cause breakout and rashes.

All the expensive lotions and moisturizers you use for acne have some concentration of alcohol in it. Besides being a natural disinfectant, vodka also has massive astringency. It will dry out the sores, disinfect open wounds and prevent infection, and close your pores. 

You can even put it on your scalp and lightly rub it to get rid of the nasty buildup and bacteria, causing dandruff and even breakout. It can help you stay protected from dandruff and promote healthy hair growth.

But remember, unless you want your friends and family to think you have a considerable alcohol addiction, make sure to dilute and mix it with essential oils to mask the smell.

6. Arthritis Cure

Have you ever wondered why so many Russian babushkas are a big fan of vodka? The weather can be brutal in Russia, and older people have a propensity to get arthritis.

Vodka is well known to give relief to patients who are suffering from joint pain and inflammation. It’s the excessive inflammation that makes the joints brittle and painful, and vodka can give you some relief.

7. Reduces risk of diabetes

Unlike beer or wine, Pristine vodka is not full of sugar. So, this is a safe drink for many diabetics (just don’t overload it with a lot of sugary mixers). You can take it straight up, neat. However, for the sake of your kidneys, we recommend that you consider downing it with some ice, soda, and water. You can even add some fruits to give it a distinctive flavor and jazz it up.

Your Turn

When life gives you lemons, make a mojito. For those that have diabetes, don’t use sugary soda to mix up the cocktail, but use water instead. And you have a fantastic, healthy drink on the go.

As you can see, vodka is not just about efficiently getting you hammered in 3 drinks or less, but it has a lot of secret health benefits nobody tells you about. Next time you are out partying and don’t want to break your diet, but also don’t want to ruin the mood of everyone else in the party, grab a vodka on the rocks, and you are golden. Try out the hair and skin routines. You will find hundreds of DIY tutorials online from beauty gurus. Have fun with your brand new favorite drink!