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Best Ways To Drink Vodka

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If you want to enhance the flavor of your vodka, but are not sure, this article talks about the best ways to drink vodka.

Some of the best brands of vodka, like Pristine Vodka, are packed with subtle notes and complex flavors. Although they taste amazing when drank alone, they are not so overpowering that you cannot experiment out of the line and go a little crazy.

Here’s to all the vodka lovers, try out the best ways to enhance the taste of your favorite drink.

Amazing Ways To Drink Vodka

Prime Vodka Shots

If you have been pouring vodka shots directly out of the bottle to the glass, this is dedicated to you. That is a great way to ruin a classic drink. If you want to have vodka shots, the first thing is to pick a quality vodka that does not taste like a disinfectant.

The second thing you need to consider is the base from which it is made. The main ingredient of vodka is wheat, rice, or rye, but it can also be mashed from some vegetables like vodka, beets, fruits like apples and grapes.

Some specialty vodkas even come from exotic ingredients like maple syrup. The point is if you are planning to chug it solo, pick a tasty ingredient. Vodkas made from starchy ingredients like potatoes have a creamy taste.

If you would like something sweeter, pick something fruit- or corn-based. The normal vodka you get from the supermart is made from a blend of grains and will be much plainer than their fancier counterparts. Decide what suits your taste.

Put It In The Freezer

If you insist on buying a particular brand of vodka, which does not have a lot of taste but leaves a burning feeling, then consider mellowing out the edge. Put it in the freezer for a few hours. It will dull the sharp edges, and you will get a much creamier drink.

But be cautious, this is for cheaper, common vodkas that are not premium quality. Putting quality vodka is going to do the same thing, dull the edges. This means, with cheaper vodkas, you get a smoother drink. With good quality vodkas, you lose flavor. Here is why you should never put good quality vodkas in freezer.

If you think your drink is too sharp for your taste, that is a prime candidate to be put in the freezer. Vodka freezes at -15 degrees C, which is way beyond normal freezers, so you don’t have to worry about the bottle cracking or freezing.

Soda Water

Soda water will always be the perfect base for vodka. Whether you have a premium or cheap vodka, putting it in some seltzer or sparkling water is going to give you the perfect taste you desire. This won’t drown out the real taste of the vodka. If you are not much into cocktails or trying to watch your weight, this is the perfect combination.

Tonic Water

The classic bar mixer has been an enigma to many for years. When the bartender pours one out with your vodka, it tastes sublime. When you buy tonic water from the store, it tastes like cough medicine. Well, to solve the mysterious taste problem, we suggest investing in some quality craft tonic water and not the generic stuff that you see in the fridge. But do remember that most tonics will have a lot of sugar, so choose your pick carefully.

Orange Juice

This is perhaps one of the best inventions of humankind. Nothing is better with vodka than fresh orange juice (not the boxed juice from the store). Screwdriver is a hugely popular drink. There are many other ways of enhancing your vodka without the juice.

A vodka shot with orange peel is the Russian screwdriver. You can even pick some candied oranges from the store and soak them in the vodka to enhance the flavor. Or just pour some vodka with fresh cut oranges in a punch bowl style mix. The blend of sweet and tangy fruit cuts out the bite in the drink and makes it taste absolutely delicious.


This is not a very common mixer but is sublime when you want to enjoy a light drink. The bubbly mixer is an excellent companion of vodka. You can garnish it with lemon and ice cubes. The mix is a very light and fresh drink perfect for enjoying some quality drinking time.

Although this is not a common ingredient you can find everywhere, you will see this in Target or Amazon. Most bars will also have it available on request, which is good news.

Pineapple, Guava, And Mango

Vodka is not your usual tropical cocktail drink, but when it works, it works. The flavorless drink goes really well with fruits, and pineapple is no different. Although you might be more comfortable and familiar with pineapple and rum, it is perfect for vodka too. The juice is a strong concoction that will blend out the strong flavor of the vodka if you don’t want to taste the liquor and focus on the buzz.

With guava, the best way to drink vodka would be to infuse it with the juice. But don’t forget the chili and salt rim icing, which is the best part of the drink. The spicy and salty touch will enhance the taste of guava and drown out any burning notes in the vodka.

Lastly, we have little to say about mango. Pour pretty much anything in mango, and you have a divine drink. Enhance your vodka cooler style.


How can we forget the humble mojito when we’re talking about vodka. For many of us, it was our first introduction to the world of hard liquor. Make your own fresh batch of lemonade with mint leaves, or buy some readymade from the store. It’s light and refreshing and perfect for a hot day. You can even make some lemon iced tea and make it a LIIT.

Your Turn

So, these were some fun and exciting ways to drink vodka. How many of these ways have you already tried? Do share your experience with us in the comments below.