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Can You Mix Vodka With Soda?

mix vodka with soda



Let’s make one thing very clear from the beginning; you can mix anything with your vodka that you like. If you think the taste is sublime, that’s all that matters. Can you mix vodka with soda? Yes. Can you mix coke with vodka? Yes. Be it soda, energy drinks, sugar syrups, or plain water – you can try it all.

Now, why we are talking about mixing vodka with soda, specifically, is because vodka brands have gone through a massive overhaul in recent years. The new brands of vodka that are coming out are not flavorless, blank fillers where you put some juice to get a real drink.

Like whiskey and wine, vodka connoisseurs are also starting to ask for depth in flavor, and by the grace of the vodka lords, the brands are delivering.

When You Don’t Need To Mix Vodka With Soda?

Soda is not just the plain carbonated water from our childhood that we had no idea why anyone would drink. You get soda in ginger lemonade flavor, various tonics, lemon-lime squeeze, and even various berry flavors. It all sounds so utterly delicious. Why won’t you mix vodka with soda?

The reason is, you are paying for a premium vodka bottle. When you are buying really good quality vodka, it’s only fair that you see what the fuss is all about. After all, nobody talks about vodka in terms of aging and flavor like they do with whiskey. So what is so special?

Well, premium quality vodka comes with a lot of volatiles, which contains the flavor of the drink. Now, vodka does not hold these volatiles well, because it has not been aged like wine or whiskey. The volatiles in vodka tends to evaporate fairly quickly, depending on what you are mixing it with. And with it, the flavor goes away.

Companies like Pristine Vodka have been working with superb quality mineral-rich grains, pure mountain water to give you a subtle, classy flavor infused with vanilla and spice. 

Notably, vodka has not had a good reputation among the classiest of drinks, but that is changing. So, when you invest in a premium bottle, you should try to taste the flavor you are paying for. Who knows, you might end up liking it.

The Evolution Of Vodka Soda

The younger crowd reveres this drink for the quality of punch it packs in a small package. You don’t need a lot to get drunk. Vodka is available for very cheap. When you mix cheap vodka with soda, you get rid of the nasty, burning flavor and can truly enjoy the essence of the drink.

Vodka soda is also a favorite of bartenders because it is such a low maintenance drink. Pour some of the low quality vodka you have in the back of the cabinet, mix some soda water, and throw a wedge of lemon on top. And profit!

It’s super quick, cheap, non-messy, and convenient. But most importantly, it appeals so widely to such a wide range of customers because it is also very low calorie. There is not a lot of sugar in it, and pretty much anyone can shotgun an entire sleeve of vodka sodas. The trend of vodka soda follows the craze that came before it. Seltzer.

People have always been conscious about what they put in their bodies. More so, when it comes to alcohol. If you are going to clobber your liver and kidneys for a night, might as well make sure you don’t get fat off of it. Low carb has been all the rage in the fitness industry, and with that, so many drinks that used to be the traditional choice of the pub-goers have been ‘out.’ The fastest method of alcohol delivery is through vodka soda, and this is why it is such a popular drink. This has very little to do with taste and everything to do with efficiency.

This brings us back to the first point. Some of you might want to sit down and enjoy the flavor of the drink once in a while. The premium vodka brands come at a premium price, and you should enjoy the experience that it gives you. These drinks are made with a lot of love and care, and the flavor profile really shows.

Alternatives To Vodka Soda

Fortunately, even the best quality vodkas are not so overpowering that you can’t mix it with whatever you like. Vodka has basically limitless choices when it comes to mixers. I have seen college seniors chug vodka straight out of red bull cans. What happened to them afterward, I cannot tell. But it works.

If you are trying to create a sweet drink because normal vodka soda is too bland for you, or you don’t like the flavor of vodka or alcohol, then you can spice things up.

To begin with, invest in quality limes and fresh ice. Don’t use ice that has been kept in the freezer for a year and now tastes like the beef you store beside it. It will ruin your drink and appetite. Buy fresh fruits. Guava, pineapple, orange, pretty much whatever you like. The store-bought juice might be cheap and convenient, but you will never believe the difference it makes when you are mixing it with real fruit juice that did not come out of a box. And the good news is, even with all this, you will have a drink that is much lower in calories than any other drink.

Now, if you are just not a fan of all the trouble, you can try buying flavored vodka. The mixer is pretty much in. Lemon, lime, apple, orange, or whatever you have. Add some plain soda, and you have a scrumptious drink that took less than 10 seconds to make.

Remember, vodka is not just a drink for your diet-conscious heart. You can enjoy your alcoholic beverage without comprising any of the fun factors when you experiment with the flavors.