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Dangers Of Drinking And Swimming: Pristine Vodka Warns You!

dangers of drinking and swimming



Pool parties in summers are common. And as parties and drinking go hand in hand, that’s when you get exposed to the dangers of drinking and swimming.

There are various specific reasons your booze can put you in danger while swimming. Also, stats say that more than 20% of the adults drowning deaths are caused due to the negligence while drinking and swimming.

Here is why you should choose not to swim when you are under the influence.

Dangers of Drinking and Swimming

1. Drinking Impairs Sound Judgement

When a person is drunk or under the influence, he loses the right to think rationally. It impairs their judgment, making them feel the confidence of what might have serious implications.

Drunkenness misjudges your abilities, exciting you up that makes you take risky decisions. That also takes you to our second danger:

2. Increases Risk-Taking Behavior

Drinking provides a false sense of security, leading to taking risky decisions and behaviors. This could result in reckless decisions while swimming like going deep into the water even when you shouldn’t be crossing the safe water zone and things like that.

Drinking and swimming can make you take life-threatening decisions that you would not likely take if you were sober and in your right frame of mind.

3. Creates An Illusionary Mind

The third danger of drinking while swimming arises from the creation of illusions. It’s a known fact that people can’t see properly or even walk straight when they are drunk. How would you be able to swim right then?

Have you ever wondered why this happens? This is because of the illusions that make it difficult to see or walk straight. While you are swimming, if you are drunk, you are more likely to misjudge the water’s depth and the strength of the current, leading to serious injurious like hitting your head to the rock bottom, lacking coordination while swimming, and even diving. Thus, the situations can go haywire in seconds under such circumstances.

4. Slow To Make Quick Actions

When a person is drunk, he is more in danger because of a poor reaction rate. As alcohol is a depressant, it is known for impairing the normal thinking capacity of a person, and the brain is able to process information rather late than at a normal rate. Isn’t that the sole reason why people tend to get drunk after a breakup? It makes sense, right?

But make sure when you are drunk and heartbroken, you stay away from swimming all the more. When are you are drunk and swimming, you are likely to make reckless decisions like diving deep into the water and getting  too close to the marine wildlife such that you won’t even have the time to correct your mistake due to your slow reactions.

5. Alcohol Makes CPR Ineffective

This is yet another major danger of swimming after drinking. If anything goes bad while swimming, the chances of resuscitation on alcohol are diminished. So, even CPR won’t be effective in situations like these and would decrease your chances of getting out alive.

Bitter but true!

6. Alcohol Promotes Hypothermia

How are hypothermia, alcohol, and swimming related to each other? Let’s get to find the answer to this one too.

Hypothermia is associated with low body temperature. When you swim in cold water or in a cold climate, usually, your body reacts to the sudden change in temperature, and your blood rushes from your limbs to your vital internal organs to keep your body temperature in control and prevents hypothermia.

However, if you are under the alcohol influence and swimming, the presence of alcohol in your body deprives your body of this bodily feature. You can suffer from hypothermia, thus making situations worse. Your body temperature dips down drastically in cold water, and you won’t be able to regain it back quickly.

Until your body temperature returns to normal, you will be in danger and could catch a serious cold.

Not only with cold water, but hot water and alcohol don’t go well together as well. This is also the reason that one should avoid hot tub baths along with a glass a wine. Drinking, when combined with hot water spas and bath, cause you to feel sleepy and drowsy. You may fall asleep in the tub itself and slip down under the water accidentally. This could lead to drowning and could have serious implications.

7. Disturbs The Physical Working Of The Body

Not only drinking promotes hypothermia, but it also can disturb the other physical working of the rest of the body while swimming.

As for ears, the fluid in the inner ear is responsible for maintaining balance. The presence of alcohol disturbs the normal functioning of your body and leads to disorientation, making you lose your body balance and even diving wrongly.

Also, when the water enters your windpipe accidentally, it triggers a reflex to close the entry of windpipe. Alcohol interferes with this bodily feature too. It fails to work normally, knocking down the airway shut. This could be detrimental, as well.

The same dangers are also applicable to water sports as well. Even if you are not really swimming but enjoying water motor vehicles and speedboating while you are drunk, you need to be extra careful and make sure you are not too drunk to make wise decisions as this could also cost you your life.

Always wait for at least an hour or so to go for water sports even if you are madly drunk  to prevent yourself from the dangers of drinking and swimming. This is what a responsible person should do. So, along with not drinking and driving, it’s equally reasonable not to drink and swim as well.

Moreover, according to a report, men are more likely to drown than women. This calls out all men to be extra cautious and drink responsibly, especially if you are at a pool party, at a beach, or near any water sports activity.

Pristine Vodka recommends you drink within safe limits, and at safe places.