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Glass vs. Plastic: Why Pristine Vodka Uses the Best Glass

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Pristine Vodka, the Highest Quality Vodka on the Market



When you have a product like Pristine Vodka, it’s all about the quality. And that doesn’t stop once the vodka is distilled. In fact, the quality of the vessel is nearly as important as the quality of the ingredients that go into it. 

If you’re familiar with Pristine, you probably already know that the highest quality ingredients are used. Mineral-rich waters. Fertile lands. High-quality wheat. A secret distilling process. All of these combine to make Pristine live up to its name. But you wouldn’t ship a Cadillac in a cardboard box. So we’re careful about the quality of the bottles we use!

Glass vs. Plastic

There are many reasons that glass is superior to plastic when it comes to food and beverage. Plastics are porous, and tend to leach into whatever they are holding, especially during temperature fluctuations. Plastics often have an odor that can affect flavor as well. Did you know that much of what compromises your sense of taste is actually because of your sense of smell? This is why when you are congested, food lacks flavor. It’s also the reason why plastic is a poor choice of containment when you’re eating and drinking.

High Quality Glass

Pristine Vodka uses a very high quality glass, crafted by a well-respected company, Saverglass. Glass in itself is non-porous and lacks an odor, so it’s already a better choice when you want the quality of your drink to stand on its own.

The glass used to package Pristine is comprised of 70% silica– a very fine quality sand, 15% soda, and 10% lime, with 5% other ingredients. Saverglass uses recycled glass too. State of the Art machinery allows precision in their craft, and individually checked bottles provide a high level of quality control. Any bottle that is found wanting is destroyed and reused in the creation of new bottles.

Everything About our Vodka is Pristine

When you found a company on superior quality, every choice from start to finish matters. That’s why Pristine Vodka comes in the highest quality glass bottles. We want every bit of Pristine, from the growing of the wheat to the moment you pour your favorite drink, to reflect the passion we have toward creating the world’s best vodka.