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Halloween Vodka Cocktails You Need To Try

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There is absolutely no shortage of Halloween cocktails; however, finding Halloween vodka cocktails could be tough or maybe not.

Halloween cocktails need to look haunting, dark, spooky, and anything that will highlight the Halloween night’s mood along with your Halloween outfit. It’s officially Halloween season now, and it’s time to prep up for your Halloween party already.

If you are throwing one at your home (with masks on), make sure Halloween vodka cocktails will form an integral part of your drinking session. Here are some of the Halloween vodka cocktails in New York you can try.

Best Halloween Vodka Cocktails in New York

Witches Brew

The most famous and spooky vodka cocktail, Witches Brew has to be the first on the list. Making it is super easy. All you need is

In a cocktail shaker, add 1/3rd cup of lime juice, ½ cup of vodka, and 1/4th cup of raspberry juice. You can add more raspberry juice, depending on the taste that fits well. Add ice and shake it well. Pour it in the shot glasses and serve chilled.

You can add citrus soda instead of lime juice if you want to make it a long-standing drink without getting people too drunk.

The Black Widow

Another spookiest vodka cocktail has to be the black widow. You can always add that Halloween vibe to your cocktails by buying weird designed cocktail glasses. To make this, all you need is:

  • Some weird looking cocktail glass
  • Few blackberries
  • Lime juice
  • Pristine Vodka
  • Sparkling water

To make a black widow cocktail, mix some blackberry juice, 1/3rd cup of lemon juice, some amount of vodka, and add a little sweetness with honey in a cocktail shaker. Mix all the ingredients well, add ice to the shaker, and serve it in your cocktail glasses chilled.

You can add sparkling water instead of vodka to make it suitable for kids. Garnish with some fresh rosemary and blackberry pieces if you would like.

Bloody Mary

A Halloween cocktail list is incomplete without the famous Bloody Mary cocktail. There is nothing too difficult about making this cocktail as well. Here are the ingredients you’ll need:

  • Pristine Vodka
  • Tomato juice
  • Tabasco
  • Salt and black pepper
  • Worcestershire sauce

In a cocktail shaker or directly pour in the glasses, 1 ounce of vodka over 6 ounces of tomato juice. Add in your favorite hot sauce and a bit of Tabasco for an extra crunch of taste. Add salt and pepper to balance the taste accordingly.

Jack O Lantern cocktail

Another famous Halloween vodka cocktail is the Jack O Lantern cocktail, and it has a variety of versions of its own. Here is our best Jack O Lantern cocktail. For this, you will need:

  • Vanilla vodka
  • Pumpkin puree or pumpkin liqueur
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Whipped cream

Once you have the ingredients collected, add the vanilla vodka, pumpkin liqueur in a cocktail shaker. Shake them well. If you are using pumpkin puree, you need to strain the ingredients once to get the liquid part.

Once this is done, add ice and spices of your choice like salt and pepper. You can also garnish with whipped cream and cinnamon sticks at the end for perfection.

Black Magic

You got to try this vodka cocktail and be ready to get compliments all over. This black magic cocktail is easy to make if you have the right ingredients available. For this, you will need

  • Black vodka
  • Real cherry juice (the darker red, the better)
  • Orange juice
  • Cherry syrup
  • Wilton pearl dust

That’s it! If you got these all, not much is left to bring the black magic cocktail alive. Just mix an ounce of black vodka in a decent amount of cherry juice, orange juice, and Cherry syrup such that it balances the taste the well. You can adjust the quantity according to your taste and color. If your cocktail is not getting the desired dark colour, just replace the orange juice and double the cherry juice quality.

Now, to unfold the magic, just shimmer the Wilton pearl dust over your prepared cocktail.

Poisoned Apple

A Halloween worthy cocktail is incomplete without an apple-flavored cocktail. In this cocktail, you definitely don’t have to work too hard to find the ingredients. You don’t need too many ingredients for this cocktail. All you need is :

  • Pristine Vodka
  • Pomegranate juice
  • Apple cider
  • Dry ice

In the cocktail shaker, add an ounce or two of your favorite vodka, 2 ounces of apple cider, and a good quantity of pomegranate juice as well. Shake it well and serve it chilled.

To add the spookiness to it, drop in some pieces of dry ice while serving. This will add white fumes to your cocktail, making everyone go Woah. However, be very sure before using dry ice, and it can react vigorously with glass.

Creepy Eyeball Cocktail

So, this one has to be the most amazing and easiest creepy cocktail to make. For this, you will need,

  • Pristine Vodka
  • Lychee syrup or juice
  • Fresh blackberries
  • Fresh lychees

In a cocktail shaker, add the vodka and lychee juice in the ratio 2:1. You can also add orange liqueur to enhance the taste. Shake it well with crushed ice and serve chill.

But before serving, you need to make it spooky when serving to your Halloween guests. For this, make creepy eyeballs using blackberries and lychee. Take a blackberry and cover it with the lychee such that it looks like an eyeball. Just drop them in your cocktail glass to give them a look.

You need to keep them frozen in an airtight bag if you want to plan ahead of time.

Your Turn

These were some of the best Halloween vodka cocktails you should try out. Each of these is easy to make and unique, making use of different fruits.

Which is your favorite pick? Let us know in the comments below.

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