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How To Drink Vodka And Stay Sober: Inside Secrets

How To Drink Vodka And Stay Sober



How often do you drink vodka at a party and then lose your bearings very soon? Well, vodka is an important part of any party. However, if you want to stay sober, you would have to drink vodka the right way. Russians take pride in the way they take their vodka and still manage to stay sober.

Eating the right things before and after the drink, knowing your tolerance levels are some of the aspects of responsible vodka drinking. Here are some suggestions on how to drink vodka and stay sober.

How to Drink Vodka And Stay Sober 

Stay Hydrated And Full

One of the best ways to avoid a hangover or getting high with vodka is to ensure that you stay hydrated and full. This requires you to drink pretty of fluids and eat before you start drinking. Apart from that, it is also a good idea to keep eating while you drink.

The objective here is simple. When the stomach is full and the body hydrated, you essentially slow down the process of vodka absorption within the body, keeping its negative effects in check. Besides, many of the issues that come up as aftereffects or hangover, like nausea, headache, improper motor skills, and the likes, take place due to dehydration.

Therefore, drinking water and eating is a good way to stay sober while you finish the vodka.

Drink Slow

The primary reason for consuming alcohol or vodka specifically is to savor the smell, the flavors, and the taste. This is possible only when you drink slowly. When you gulp the drink in one go, you are putting in all the flavors at once in the body.

In effect, you cannot enjoy the flavors. More importantly, if you drink fast, you are putting too much vodka in the body and the bloodstream that brings in the negative impacts quickly.

On the other hand, if you drink slowly, you give your body the space to take it in and absorb gradually. This helps you stay sober for longer hours while enjoying your vodka!

Dilute The Drink

One of the most obvious methods to drink the vodka and stay sober is to dilute it with water. What this does is effectively bring down the concentration of alcohol and, thus its harmful impacts on the body. What you can do here is take half a shot of vodka in a glass and fill the rest of it up with water. This brings out a good taste while keeping you sober.

But what you add to the drink is important. While water and soda could be two possible ideas, including diet soda, can only make things worse for you.

Eat Yeast

This is quite an uncommon idea, but consuming yeast can actually negate the effects of alcohol and help you stay sober. How do you eat yeast? Well, you can consume it in any form. But, one idea would be to add some yeast to yogurt and finish that before you start drinking.

This keeps the body prepared and allows it to handle the alcohol intake. On the other hand, you could also add a small teaspoon of yeast into the vodka glass and drink it. How does yeast help? It breaks down the alcohol molecules quickly within the body before it hits the drinker.

Don’t Mix Drinks

This is a common idea that mixing up a few different types of drinks can have adverse impacts on the body. This would mean the drinker is getting high very quickly, suffering from headaches and slow motor movements.

The idea here is that, if you drink vodka, it is best to stick only with vodka. Consuming other drinks like beer or whiskey or even wine at the same time can accelerate the impact of alcohol on the body. Avoid all sorts of carbonated drinks to stay sober while drinking vodka.

Eat after Taking a Shot

While sipping vodka is fun, taking a shot is also a common party approach. It becomes imperative to eat something soon after you take a vodka shot. That is how the Russians do it, and it helps the drinker stay sober. The idea is to have something that neutralizes the impact of alcohol.

For this, resort to a couple of slices of lemon followed by salted cucumbers or pickles. After the immediate remedy, you can then move on to eating something oily like sardines followed by a typical Russian salad. All of these ingredients together reduce the impact of the vodka shot.

Keep Yourself Engaged

While drinking is a common occurrence at a party, keeping yourself engaged mentally can help you stay sober. What does that mean? When you sit ideal after heavy alcohol consumption, you let the negative impacts of the drink take over you and your head. The solution here is to keep your mind engaged.

While you drink, try to engage in useful conversations around the table or with friends at the party. If you are alone, you could also try to read a book that helps you think. The more you can keep the brain engaged, the higher will be your chances of staying sober.

Know Your Limit

This is quite an obvious point here but is equally important as the others. Every individual has a different capacity for alcohol intake. While some people can enjoy multiple vodka shots without getting high, some others have to stop after the first couple of shots. But, this is something that you can know about yourself.

It is imperative to keep in mind your drinking capacity while you enjoy glasses of vodka. Also, it is a bad idea to follow what others drink at a party. Once you have your own limits set, you can enjoy the drink and still stay sober!

Vodka is one of the most exciting components of the bar at any party. Drinking responsibly can help you stay sober while you enjoy the flavors.