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Let’s Celebrate! International Women’s Day 2019

balanced for better

Balance for Better Today: Friday March 8th 2019

International Women’s Day, celebrated now for over 100 years, is a day to celebrate the achievements of women. This years theme is Balance for Better. It aims to highlight gender equality and celebrate the professional, social, political, and cultural contributions of women in our world.

Pristine Vodka tips our hats to all of the hard-working women in our lives. Yesterday, we had a chance to sit down and chat with successful and talented entrepreneur Molly Trumpler about launching her company, With Love, Molly. 

with love mollyA One Woman Show

Tell us about With Love, Molly.

With Love, Molly is an online boutique and styling company that focuses on apparel and accessories for women as well as creating personalized complete looks from top to bottom.

What’s your role in the company? What do you do?

Everything! I have built this company from the ground up as a one woman show. Testing out styles, selecting products, designing looks, creating the website, hosting live sales, designing everything for social media, shipping and handling orders… you name, and I do it. Of course, I have some friends who have been so wonderfully helpful in all of this too!

What do you think sets you apart from other online retailers?

I think what sets us apart is the personal styling aspect. There are so many different retailers to choose from, but very few that will hand pick items based on your personality and what you’re looking for. And even fewer (if any) provide hairstyle, makeup, accessory, and shoe suggestions to accompany each item and each look. Whether it’s date night, a weekend getaway, baby shower, a regular workday, etc. … we have you completely covered.

Inspiration to Go!

How did you decide to start a business?

Honestly, I’ve been wanting to for some time now. I have my degree in Fashion Merchandising and Management, but I was never really brave enough to pursue a career. The industry can be so cut throat, and now-a-days it seems that you have to be famous for people to want to work with you. But with the internet being what it is now, it was time for me to get out of my comfort zone.

My friends and I have always had this problem of impulse buying. We go to the store, see something we like, buy it, and then get home and realize that what we just bought goes with absolutely nothing we own. So it sits in our closets for the rest of it’s life, tags still on and all. But what I learned is that this is a common thing for all women. Enter With Love, Molly – a one stop shop.

 Tell me the story of how you became an entrepreneur.

You got awhile? Just kidding. I’ve worked in the corporate world since I was 18. Ask any of my managers, and they’ll tell you I’m one of the hardest working people they know. But I never felt like I was being compensated for it. Raises were minimal but expectations were through the roof. I found myself working 65-70 hours a week to help someone else get a bonus and a vacation, and I just knew that I couldn’t do it anymore. If I was going to be working this hard, it was going to be for myself.

Balance for Better: Celebrating the Wins

What’s been your biggest success so far?

This might sound silly, but I truly feel my biggest success would be my mindset. Your mental space is so fragile yet so important, and you really have to train it just like you would your muscles. You may have all the right tools to start a business, but if your mindset isn’t there… you’re not going to get very far.

What woman would you consider a role model? Why?

My grandmother, 100%. And this really has nothing to do with business, but she taught me a lot about sincerity, integrity, and kindness. I really think the world could use a little more of all that these days.

And for fun, what’s your favorite cocktail?

I am definitely a champagne, prosecco, and wine kind of girl. But if I’m in the mood for a cocktail, it’s going to be a killer Moscow Mule