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Not All Vodka Brands Are Same. Find Out Why Pristine Vodka Is Different From Others

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Vodka would be the nectar of gods if the nectar didn’t have a lot of flavor profiles. The popularity of vodka comes from the fact that it’s simple and can be mixed with pretty much anything to get you out of mind faster than any other drink. Lots to experiment with, and lots of fun. However, as a fan of pure vodka brands, you might find yourself looking for something more complex. If you don’t like a lot of mixers and enjoy the taste of vodka, we have excellent news. How would you like to hear about a vodka that is made with the purest ingredients and has a crisp fresh taste that will make you cradle into the lap of mother nature as you slowly sip away? Yes, we are talking about Pristine Vodka.

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Clean, Natural Ingredients

Pristine vodka is elegant. According to the Beverage Testing Institute in 2010, Pristine vodka is super smooth and classy. The brand was first launched in 2009 by the owner, a vodka enthusiast himself, Alexander Bratslavsky. It is a Ukrainian product, so you can be assured of the quality of the drink.

More importantly, it has a complex flavor profile that comes from the exotic combination of Carpathian Mountain Water and filtered charcoal. This is the original of all originals, and this is a drink you must try at least once in your life. 

The origin of the pristine organic vodka lies in the Carpathian Mountains, in South West Ukraine. These mountain ranges have fresh rainfalls and have the purest and fresh-tasting thermal water, which is bustling with minerals from the rocks.

What makes the water so rich in minerals is that the whole area was under the Pannonian Sea in the prehistoric era. The Carpathian mountains rose from the depth of the sea, and this is why besides being unbelievably gorgeous, they have such a rich mineral profile. 

The unique thing about the mountain range is the soil itself, which has deposits from ancient volcanoes, as well as sediments over centuries and eras. This is what gives the water flowing through the valleys and springs the distinct flavor.

The water is so pure, you could drink it right from the mountain without needing any filtering, and nothing exists in the world that can match the purity. Besides, the location from where the water is collected for manufacturing the vodka is so remote, that there are no tourists, travelers, or human presence to sully the water. 

Award-Winning Quality

Pristine vodka is all-natural and consists of the cleanest ingredients, so even for a health nut, this is perfectly safe to drink. It is perfection in a bottle. In the world of alcoholic beverages, Robb Report is an expert. Pristine Vodka featured prominently as one of the ultra-premium vodkas in the market in 2011.

A Unique, Rich Taste

The all natural vodka is made out of wheat, which gives it a lot of body and makes it much richer than other grain-based vodkas. Mix that with the clearest, icy water from Carpathian mountains and slowly smoke it out with filtered charcoal, and you have a heavenly combination.

Many people try this and come up with complex notes, but the most prominent profile that comes up for this vodka is a sweet and floral profile. There is a hint of pepper, and the texture is smooth like a river stone.

The secret recipe behind Pristine Vodka dates back to more than four decades. A lot of experiment, trial, and painful process of elimination has gone into creating a distillation method that holds down the maximum flavor from all of the unique, subtle ingredients. The process is even more sharpened by the texture of the vodka, which makes it truly unique and pure in quality. 

What is great about having a subtle fusion of flavors is that you can also put it into any of your favorite cocktails. If you appreciate the flavor enhancement and want to upgrade your glass of orange juice into the best Screwdriver you have ever had, you need your vodka to taste amazing.

That is what pristine is all about. It doesn’t matter if you like other drinks, anyone can appreciate the spiced fruit and vanilla concoction, which will strike you with a warmth you will never be able to forget. So, mix away and do all the experiments you want. Do a taste test with other brands, and compete in the battle of cocktails, pristine will never let you down.

The Magic Of Ukrainian Wheat

Chernozem has the best ground for agriculture. It is black soil, which can hold a lot of moisture, which makes the wheat growing in it exceptionally healthy. Besides, the soil is also rich with humus, natural nutrients, minerals, which make it one of the most fertile soils on earth. 

Why does it matter? Because wheat is the body of the vodka, and the quality of the main ingredient determines how the full flavor of the beverage turns out. The weather, soil, and geographical location makes for a superior crop that is not found anywhere else in the world. The exceptional environment factors have still made it possible to grow wheat that is organically rich and flavorful. 

Add to that the crystal clear Carpathian water, and you have the winning combination in Pristine. 

Buy Now!

Pristine vodka is a brilliant combination of craftsmanship, excellence, and quality. If you add to that the reasonable pricing, this is a clear choice for parties, or just as an exclusive treat for yourself.

The premium vodka experience shows that 40 years of struggle that has gone behind, making it so exceptional. That said, this best vodka deserves a try, and if you still haven’t had the chance to try it out, we suggest you buy Pristine Vodka online now.