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The Best Vodka Mixers You Must Try!

best vodka mixers



Vodka is a king of mixers. This mix-it-all drink is what makes vodka recipes even better. Ditch your old vodka mixers – soda water and tonic water, and try new. Vodka allows you to experiment with other drinks than any other alcohol. If you haven’t tried vodka yet, we have got the best vodka mixers for you that will help you have the best vodka experience.

The best thing about vodka mixers it that you don’t necessarily have to visit a bar to enjoy them. You can very easily try them at home.

To help you out, here are the best vodka mixers and what you can do with them. However, don’t forget to have ice with you. Ice will act as the main ingredient in any of your vodka mixers. Add lots of ice to your shaker to make it soul-wrenching tasty. That’s because vodka tastes the best when served chilled.

Best Vodka Mixers

Cranberry juice

The vodka mixer that tops the list besides soda and tonic water is cranberry juice. If you have cranberry juice at home, that’s the best option. Do not worry if not because cranberries will serve the purpose well.

If you have seen Sex and the City, you can relate it well.

The right way to make a Cosmopolitan includes the combination of Cranberry juice and vodka. To balance the taste, you can add a third ingredient of your choice that could be a simple syrup if you don’t like it too sour.

Grapefruit Juice

Have you heard of the popular Greyhound cocktail? It originally includes a mixture of gin and grapefruit juice. But now, its more popularly made as a mixture of vodka and grapefruit juice. So, next time someone asks you to have a Greyhound cocktail, just say, yes, that’s my favorite.

If you like drinks that are a bit sweet yet not too sweet, this is the best vodka mixer to try out. If you have fresh grapefruit juices and vodka at home, you can try this combination out on your own. To balance your taste according to your wish, you could add a bit of lime juice to it as well.

Orange Juice

Have you ever heard of the Screwdriver cocktail? That’s what we are close to making now. Orange juice and vodka make a popular cocktail like Screwdriver, mimosa, and Bloody Marys.

The very classical Screwdriver is made from fresh orange juice blended with vodka. If you want to make it a bit different, add Galliano to the above mixture, you will have Harvey Wallbanger cocktail ready for you.

Pineapple Juice

If not any other juice, we are sure you will have pineapple juice in your home ready. To get a quick vodka cocktail for yourself or to impress your friends, just pour a glass of pineapple juice with few tablespoons of your favorite vodka to it.

If you are into making some famous cocktail like the French Martini, just add Chambord to your above drink. With the help of fresh pineapple juice, you can also make another famous vodka cocktail Chi Chi. For this, you also need to add coconut cream to your pineapple juice and vodka mixture.

Tada! So, with the help of pineapple juice and vodka, you cannot make one but various famous cocktails in a go.

Ginger Beer

This list can’t be complete without the special mention of Ginger Beer as a vodka mixer. This new vodka mixer is gaining popularity for a number of reasons. The very famous among the patrons these days is the Moscow Mule vodka cocktail, and it’s all because of the Ginger Beer mixer added to vodka.

This vodka cocktail has caught everyone’s eyes because it is served with chilled ice in a copper mug that makes it more refreshing and chilling. The perfect blend of lime juice, ginger beer, and vodka makes it another best vodka mixer.

Make sure to try this sensational vodka cocktail out when you are a bar.

Lime Juice

A poolside party without a lemonade vodka cocktail is difficult to find. Everyone’s go-to-drink, a mixture of lime juice and vodka, is pretty much the most basic vodka mixer after the soda water and tonic water.

You can do a lot with lime juice and vodka mixture. You can drink it just the way it is or just pop in a few additions like adding fruit juice, herbs, vanilla cream, simple syrup, or anything of your choice that you think will enhance its taste.

But yeah, lemon juice or lemonade is the safest vodka mixer, and you cannot go wrong with this one.

Sparkling Water

Having sparkling water of your favorite brand is just enough to complement your vodka drink. This easy booze will keep you cool, refreshing, and light. You can always add a bit of lime wedge to garnish it if you want your cocktail to look professional.

Some of the best sparkling water include Spindrift and Sparkling Ice.

The Wrap Up

Besides this, other quick vodka mixers can be Starbucks Refreshers, Seltzer water, iced tea, and so on. There are no rules when it comes to vodka cocktails, and that’s the best thing about it. Pop in your favorite fruit juice, and it will still taste good.

If you love your classic vodka cocktails that include soda water and tonic like Vodka Tonic, vodka soda, you can just stick to them as well. The only rule to follow is never to mix vodka with energy drinks if you were to drink in excess.

If you are trying them at home, make sure you shake all the ingredients well with the help of a shaker or grind them well in a grind where necessary. Also, always use freshly squeezed juices to make them taste better. To top it all, it should always be served with chilled ice to add flavor to your vodka.

However, if you don’t want to get involved in all this mess, we are happy to tell you that you can drink Pristine Vodka straight on the rocks and enjoy.