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Vodka Drinking Tricks So That You Can Drink Without Throwing Up

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All the vodka drinking tricks you need to know about!

How cool it would be if we could drink to our hearts full without ever throwing up. Isn’t it?

We all regret drinking too much when we are hit by that hangover that could make us shout at the top of your lungs, never ever to drink again.

Well, but that’s not exactly how it works. Everyone is ready to drink again once it all passes away. However, here are some smart vodka drinking tricks that can be your life savior. It’s not about how well you are immune to drinking, but how smartly you think that can prevent you from throwing up.

Here is how you won’t have to ditch your evening in between and continue having your vodka shots without missing a beat.

Vodka Drinking Tricks

Mixing Your Drinks Is A Bummer

Yes, that’s where you went wrong. Did you think mixing your drinks can prevent you from being hangover? Well, actually not but worse. This can surely make you drink more but could end up much worse. Vodka mixed with energy drinks keeps you drinking, thinking you are sober, but that’s just an illusion, and you will be hit worse with hangover hours later, if not sooner.

Mixing Red Bull and vodka is something that should be forbidden. Also, mixing vodka with other forms of drinks like wine, beer, or other energy drinks can make your stomach spin, making you feel nauseous. This is not what you want.

To keep your drinking game up, never mix your drinks and drink in a gap of at least half an hour. If you are no expert in handling mixed drinks, refrain from doing so.

Gear Up With Antacids

Antacids can be really helpful in increasing your tolerance. So, another trick that can help you stay sober for a long time are antacids. Don’t forget to pop one into your mouth before heading to party hard. Antacids are over the counter agents that can help in treating heartburn, acidity, upset stomach.

To treat it naturally, you can also eat a banana or two before heading out. Banana is a natural antacid and will help you in enjoying your party naturally for a long.

However, we recommend consulting your healthcare practitioner before following any such recommendation.

Keep Ginger And Cardamom At The Disposal

Having ginger and cardamom with you is another trick that can save you from throwing up. Both ginger and cardamom have anti-nauseous properties that can help your stomach feel relaxed in no time. Having them at your disposal is a good idea. Just pop them into your mouth when you feel you have crossed your tolerance level.

Also, another way to consume them is through cocktails. Most of the famous vodka cocktails include ginger in them in one form or another. Having vodka with fruit juices with a kick of ginger and cardamom can also help you stay on your feet.

Don’t Head Out On The Empty Stomach

Do you also head to a party on an empty stomach so that you can eat and drink well without feeling full too soon? Ditch that thought if you want to enjoy your party on your two feet. Don’t leave your home without stuffing your stomach with something healthy. Not doing so may want you to rush for the bar’s washroom sooner than you thought of.

If that’s what you are not planning to do, eat before you leave so that your drink better. Moreover, you won’t have to spend too much on expensive meals. Thank us later!

Drinking Milk Is Another Trick

Who thought drinking milk could provide you with the license to drink more? But yes, that’s effective as well. Before heading out, gulp down a glass of milk to awaken your intestines to make it easy for your body to fight against those quick shots of vodka.

Add Ice Cubes To The Brim

Ice cubes play an important role in digesting drinks like vodka. Chilled vodka doesn’t feel too heavy on the inner lining of the alimentary canal, thus making it to digest easier. Moreover, vodka is one drink that should never be drunk at room temperature if you want to make the most out of it. Chilled vodka has much-enhanced taste and flavors and tastes ten times better.

Don’t Get Dehydrated

Drinking lots of water is a common fix to all solutions. You can save your soul by sneaking in lots of water between your drinks. Not to forget, you can still feel nauseous as the levels of potassium snoop down.

Thus, the safest option is to leave your house after eating a banana as it’s a good source of potassium. If you are a first-time drinker, this trick can be your life savior at best.

Stay Away From The Dance Floor

If you just drank a shot or two of vodka, then stay steer clear from the dance floor. In the worst-case scenario, if you are called to the dance floor by force, just don’t lose your control and start jumping on the dance floor. Just shake your body as little as possible to stay sober and not puke all over. Be in control over yourself, and you will be good.

Wrap Up

Vodka is a light drink and usually doesn’t make you feel intoxicated above par. Moreover, it’s always a safe drink over others. If anyone asks you to choose, always go for vodka for a safe shot. Plus, vodka is a great mixer, and you could always prefer a good cocktail that includes fruit juice. Consuming such drinks can make you feel alive for a long, and you can return home without throwing up and even after. We hope these vodka drinking tricks would help you!