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Vodka Gifting Etiquette You Should Learn

Vodka Gifting Etiquette



Gifting spirits and alcohol is considered the most common and suitable gift. It’s the most thoughtful gift when nothing suitable comes to mind. However, gifting alcohol or spirits is an act of courage as you must follow proper gifting etiquette. You cannot straight away present a bottle of wine or vodka to anyone and anywhere. There are various ways to present them such that the situation does not turn out to be awkward for both parties. If you have decided to gift a bottle of vodka, it is the safest call as the recipient is more likely to drink vodka over other drinks. Here are vodka gifting etiquette in New York.

Vodka Gifting Etiquette To Master

Put Effort Into Finding The Best

Don’t be too relaxed and lazy when gifting spirits like vodka. Though you are done with the biggest part of deciding what to gift, there still needs a lot of work before presenting a vodka bottle to someone.

Ensure they like drinking vodka, and it won’t make it awkward for the recipient to receive it.

Present It As It Should Be

Depending on the occasion and person to which the vodka is gifted, it should be wrapped and presented properly.

If you present the vodka to the host and hostess at a housewarming party, make sure it carries a fancy packaging sturdy enough to hold the bottle well. Don’t forget to add a gift tag with To and From details on it.

When presenting it to a boss, present it personally and in private. When presenting it on someone’s birthday, don’t forget to add a birthday card with the gift package. For big occasions like weddings or anniversaries, go flamboyant as gifting just a bottle of the bag in a paper bag would be too mainstream. Go with a gift basket with a bottle of vodka as the main gift. You can also add some assorted chocolate boxes, and photo frames. Fancy snack packets can also be neatly put together with ribbons and embellishments.

Think Twice When It Comes To Boss

We are sure you don’t want to be embarrassed by yourself the next day in the office. To make sure, gift a vodka bottle only when you are sure he will be comfortable with such gifts.

If you have finally decided you will be a little courageous when gifting to your boss, a bottle of vodka will never go wrong. You can choose a premium quality bottle of vodka like Pristine Vodka for a lasting impression. To make it less awkward, pair it with other fancy items. Think of glass tumblers, strainers, or any related gift. The idea is to not to make a vodka bottle entirely the focus of your gift.

Pair The Gift With Something Else

When it comes to gifting spirits and alcohol, it is always advisable to pair it with something that will last longer. To make your gift memorable, it’s good to pair it with a permanent gifts. Choose glass tumblers, a set of thin stemmed glasses, or a recipe book. You can also go with chocolates, bottle stoppers, coasters, or anything that complements the gift well.

To Be Opened Or Not

Mostly when a bottle of vodka is gifted, it can instantly be used as it’s a great mixer. It can be used to make cocktails. If you are very friendly with the person you are gifting to, you can simply tell them that the vodka can be used whenever they want.

On the other hand, if you are not too friendly with the person, you can leave a tag on the bottle specifying to use it at their discretion.

Again, this will not confuse the hostess or host, and they can open the bottle on their wish.

Gifting In Small Batches

Sometimes just a bottle of vodka isn’t too thoughtful to gift someone. Think of your father-in-law, boss, or someone other than your friends.

On special occasions, you should try harder to find vodka gifts that stand out. This is when giving in small batches is attractive. With a large variety of vodka gifts in the market, flavored vodka mini bottles and mini vodka bottles in a basket are some gifts that will be appreciated more.

They do not cost much and, at the same time, make the gift feel personal.

Bring Back The Bottle

When you are unsure if the bottle of vodka you bought for a party can be taken back home with you if not opened, leave it as it is.

If you are at a friend’s party and very close to the host friend, it’s okay to bring back the bottle if it’s not used, provided you brought it not as a gift but just because you were told to.

Moreover, if you are at a party where you are not too close to anyone, you can ask them and then decide based on the type of answer to get back in return. The safest option is to forget about the bottle or open it if it is unopened.

Final Thoughts

Gifting a bottle of vodka is the best gifting option available out there. Supposedly, even if the recipient doesn’t drink neat vodka, it can always be used for making cocktails and put to varied other uses besides drinking. Moreover, gifting vodka saves you from an awkward situation of gifting alcohol. This is because vodka is a safe spirit widely accepted in most cultures. Just follow the above mentioned vodka gifting etiquette and you are good to go.

You can also try going for flavored vodka in the market. It opens a wide variety of choices from too making your vodka gift thoughtful and presentable at the very best. 

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