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Vodka Gifts For New Year You Must Check Out

Vodka Gifts For New Year



There is no better gift for vodka lovers than vodka gifts for New Year. If you are banging your head around thinking about gifting ideas for New Year, vodka gifts are one of the options you can go with this year. Everyone would love to add something new to their minibar area, and vodka gifts are just perfect. 

Here are some of the awesome options you can choose from.

Best Vodka Gifts For New Year

Moscow Mule Copper Mug

Are you a fan of the Moscow Mule cocktail as well? Or know someone who loves to prepare cocktails at home? Moscow Mule copper mug would be a delightful gift for them. 

Moscow Mule is a famous cocktail made from vodka and ginger beer and especially served in a copper mug to keep it chilled. There are special copper mugs available in the market that allow you to enjoy the Moscow Mule cocktail your way. They also come with a handle, are durable and easy to clean while being unbreakable. 

Even if you have kids around you, you can safely enjoy your drinks in them without fearing getting them smashed anytime. 

Ceramic Shot Glasses

Who wouldn’t love a set of shot glasses as a gift? No matter what, this is one new year gift that will not disappoint anyone. Ceramic shot glasses are the best vodka gifts that last longer than the vodka in the bottles. 

These shot glasses are durable, making it easy to enjoy drinks even when kids are around. 

You can even accompany the shot glasses with a bottle of Pristine Vodka in New York. This would make a good customized gift package that can fit everyone’s bill well.

Vodka Recipe Book

Vodka is one such spirit that is predominantly used for making cocktails. For anyone who loves to make cocktails at home, a vodka recipe book would certainly make them happy. Moreover, as vodka mixes well with everything, be it any fruit juice or prepared mixes, it makes a cocktail worthy. A vodka bottle accompanied by a vodka recipe book makes a great combination. 

Having a go-to vodka recipe book is always better when you are deciding drinks. A vodka recipe book could be perfect for preparing Halloween, Christmas eve, and New Year cocktails or for any other festivities. 

Shot Glass Chess Set Drinking Game

How about times when drinking and house games can go hand in hand? With a Shot Glass Chess Set Drinking Game, one can have fun playing chess along with every shot of vodka. 

Wouldn’t that double the fun at parties? You can also gift this vodka gift to your couple friends as technically you need two persons to play chess. The only requirement that should be fulfilled is that the person should be familiar with playing chess to make the most of it. 

Vodka Shaker

No cocktail can be made perfect without a shaker at home expect if you are a bartender. You can just use two glasses for mixing a cocktail as well. However, that stunt should better be performed by expert bartenders only as it’s not as easy as it looks. 

To be on the safer side and be still able to mix your cocktail mixture well, a shaker is a must-have. Gifting a shaker as a New Year gift would be the best thing for vodka cocktail lovers. Additionally, a shaker is also convenient when you are making cocktails for a huge number of people. You can shake it well altogether in a single go. 

How about keeping a bottle of vodka inside it too? 

Vodka Decanter Set

Gifting vodka decanter set to your loved ones is what happiness looks like. A vodka decanter set comes with glasses and one airtight container for storing vodka. 

With a vodka decanter set, you can make vodka cocktails in a go. This also makes pouring vodka super easy and convenient. 


Too bored to try those unhygienic hookahs? How about inhaling vodka with the help of vaportini? It’s safe to use and hygienic as well. It includes a circular container inside which vodka is to be filled. Further, it also comes with a thin pipe through which you inhale the vodka. 

Again, this one is a well-thought gift you can gift on New Year to any of your friends and relatives. 

Customized Vodka Bottle

You can also go for customized vodka bottles from various brands. A personalized message always makes you feel special, and when it comes to getting a whole vodka bottle customized to your name, it’s an ultimate pleasure. 

Don’t think twice before selecting this vodka gift for your dear ones. 

Thin Stemmed Glasses

Thin stemmed glasses fit best for enjoying vodka. As vodka should be served and drunk chilled, thin stemmed glasses keep vodka cool without losing it’s cool faster. 

A unique looking and smart thin stemmed glasses are a sight to the eyes. This is the safest gift that can be gifted to anyone without second thoughts. 

Vodka Liqueur Gift Set

A vodka liqueur gift set with multiple small vodka bottles is a sight in itself. A vodka liqueur gift set is not only useful but lovely to present because of the attractive packaging it comes in. 

It’s best for someone fond of having new collections added to their bar. Further, it will be appreciated by people who would be crazed over those mini vodka bottles. 

Vodka Botanicals Box

Flavored vodka is a new trend, and this vodka botanical box fits best for this New Year. This trendy vodka gift will be loved by anyone who loves to experiment with the vodka cocktail.

Use a vodka-like Pristine Vodka and this botanical box to make your flavored vodka cocktail. This assorted comes with multiple flavors that are organic and natural. It’s the ultimate for a vodka lover. Period!

Your Turn

So, which vodka gift for New Year did you like the most? Let us know in the comments below.