Vodka Just Got Exciting Again!

Open something truly natural, and taste the purity of a mountain spring. From the high Carpathian peak to your glass – Pristine Premium vodka brings something primeval to urban life. The win-win combination of an amazingly smooth texture and refreshing taste —  that is what Pristine is. The meticulous and unique five-time charcoal filtration and five-time distillation process enhance the natural ingredients to make this wheat-based vodka an extremely PRISTINE spirit. This makes all the difference in creating a high-quality product. The gravity filtration process combines high-tech technologies and the simplicity of nature. The gravity filtration begins three stories high to produce a pure and crisp liqueur with a dry finish. Pristine Premium vodka is an award winning product. In this short period of its existence Pristine quickly gained great respect and popularity among people with refined taste who really appreciate premium quality vodka.


  • Rated 93 Points – Beverage Tasting Institute
  • Rated 93 Points – Tasting Panel Magazine
  • Featured in the prestigious Robb Report
  • Excellence in Small Business Award

Alex Bratslavsky, the man with a passion to deliver this premium quality vodka of his historical homeland to his new-found friends and acquaintances in his new home turf, the US.  In 1990 Alex left Ukraine to share a piece of the American dream. He decided to have a new and better life for his beloved wife and infant daughter. He had the ambition to bring his own vodka brand to his new home. Alex began a business importing Ukrainian vodka in the midst of a tough economy. He undertook all facets of the import business, dealing with state and federal liquor regulations and product marketing including a digital marketing campaign. He also managed the finances, shipping issues, storage solutions and any other business related matters. Alex’s hard work and perseverance brought him success and recognition from the Small Business Administration for outstanding entrepreneurship. Due to his relentless hard work and dedication, Alex was the proud recipient of their Award for Excellence in 2004. Alex returns regularly to his native Ukraine to oversee the unique, quality distilling process of his product, ensuring the perfection he seeks in both his ethics as a businessman and in his award winning Pristine Vodka.

What you have the opportunity to take and fall in love with now, is the result of hard work and 100% determination. Pristine Premium vodka has absorbed all the best from Ukraine: crystal-clean water from Carpathian springs and the finest organic grains.

The name “Pristine” inspired the product design which embodies simplicity and elegance. Made in France the packaging meets all the Premium vodka requirements. Though the world is spinning round, we stand firmly on what we offer  –  premium quality of Pristine Premium vodka.

Awaken oh tastebuds of your! Seize the night with Pristine Premium vodka! Vodka just got exciting again!

Pristine Vodka

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