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Vodka Trends Ruling The Industry

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The increasing demand for vodka can’t be overlooked. The spirit that once wasn’t much popular has taken a reverse sweep to people’s liking. Vodka has left behind the popularity of other spirits and has become the king of all, especially in these difficult times when people prefer having healthier fun. Moreover, the market is now flushed with new flavored and different varieties of vodka that has also become an increasing vodka trend. Here are the top vodka trends that are shaping the vodka industry.

Top Vodka Trends

Craft Vodka

What’s in vogue is the new craft vodka. What is that? Craft vodka refers to emerging new vodka brands that come up with some added creativity to their vodka. With the increasing demand for vodka, new vodka brands are coming up every day to provide the best quality vodka by their own means.

Just like craft beer, craft vodka is on the super hike. New brands are taking up this opportunity to deepen their roots in the vodka industry.

Craft vodka is the innovative vodka with a hint of creativeness. Larger and popular vodka brands have been stick to their traditional means of vodka without being creative.

This also seems to be the right opportunity for new deserving brands full of creativity with flavored vodkas.

It will be fun to witness how older vodka brands will survive this sudden wave of craft vodka brands.

Domestic Vodka Is Winning Hearts

Another crazy vodka trend in New York is the increase in the likeness of domestic vodka over the imported ones.

Especially in U.S., people viewed drinking foreign vodka as luxury and preferred premium brands vodka.

US patrons are now also loving craft spirits that are made from high-quality vodka and are actually tastier than the imported ones.

This sudden taste change is what is making more and more domestic brands to come up with their own vodka versions from different origins, terrains, and flavors.

In the same context, the founder of Pristine Vodka says, “The biggest change in the vodka industry over the last couple of years is the shifting consumer attention from super-exclusive brands to more easily accessible vodkas that not only taste great but are affordable too, and this trend is particularly led by Pristine Vodka.”

The Health Perspective

Healthy and sustainable vodka is one of the popular vodka trends as people are becoming more health-conscious and strictly regulate what is going inside their bodies.

That’s the reason we see healthier vodka flavored versions coming up every day. This COVID year, people have been demanding more of the healthier versions, and vodka brands are happy to serve so.

Many craft vodka brands are jumping to the bandwagon to present their best healthier and flavored vodkas. They claim their spirits to be free from any additives, sugars, citrus oils, and glycerol.

The artificial flavors are slowly becoming a thing of the past and brands are shifting towards natural enriched flavors to make their vodka of high quality and healthy.

Distilling Less For More Flavor

In a general process, vodka is distilled more than once, at least thrice, to provide it with the pure, transparent, and colorless taste that everyone is acquainted with. That is how traditional premium vodka was like.

However, the new trend says distilling it once is sufficient to make it taste supreme and enrich. To preserve the original taste of vodka, the distillation must be done only once. Distillers are coming with new creativity to distill vodka like freeze distillation to enhance its flavor more.

Distilling it fewer times helps in retaining its unique characteristics and which is what bartenders like to play with to make unique cocktails.

Companies are also focusing on low ABV percentage to please the taste buds and health priorities.

Vodka Sales On The Hike In COVID-19

What’s new brewing in the pandemic year is customer’s purchasing patterns. That somehow has benefited some of the industries, and the vodka industry is one of them.

Customers are purchasing items in bulk to avoid frequent visits to shops. Not for all spirits, but vodka has been preferred in the pandemic period more. That said, Pristine Vodka is highly popular in New York and has seen a hike in its demands.

Moreover, with the ever-increasing popularity of making vodka cocktails at home, it has become a must-have safest spirit for home gatherings and celebrating festivities. As people are more at home and finding low-key ways of keeping them entertained without going out and enjoying with minimal efforts, new craft vodkas seem to fit perfectly for such situations.

Furthermore, vodka being a mix-it-all drink, it is easy to make delicious yet simplistic cocktails out of it. With flavored botanical fruit-flavored vodkas, brands even made it easier for customers and compelled them to pick their brand over other spirits.


In short, the new vodka trends are rocking the vodka industry. Fruit-flavored easily accessible vodka pouches are the new love. These creative craft vodkas fit the bill of the people in pandemic perfectly. For this reason, new vodka brands are jumping to the opportunity. They’re providing their best high quality, low AVB content vodkas while this new trend lasts.

That said, Pristine Vodka is also making ripples in the vodka industry by serving you with high-quality, pleasantly flavored vodka at the best rates. The best part of Pristine Vodka is that you can enjoy it straight on the rocks.

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