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Why Drinking Vodka Is Cool Again

Drinking Vodka Is Cool



Drinking vodka is cool! Take our words – read this article to find out more.

Aren’t we lately listening frequently about vodka these days? Although vodka has always been a popular drink, it has become the talk of the town these days.

One of the reasons behind the ever-spiking popularity of this amazing drink is the pleasant cocktail that it makes. Vodka, combined with other flavors, is turning out to be a boomer for vodka lovers. This changed the perception of patrons towards this drink.

You got to thank premium vodka brands like Pristine Vodka and new tasty vodka creations like Moscow Mule that erupted out of the blue and changed the fate of the vodka industry.

Vodka is the new definition of cool. Here are some of the reasons why drinking vodka is cool again.

Why Is Drinking Vodka Cool Again?

Moscow Mule Is Love

Moscow Mule is no cocktail bar name but the name of the cocktail drink that originated from LA. This cocktail is a perfect balance of vodka, lime juice, and spicy ginger beer. It is seasoned with crushed ice and a slice of lime.

It is also known as vodka buck and is preferably served in a copper mug. Copper mug tends to stay cold, and vodka tastes best when it is served cold. So, copper mug takes on the cold temperature of the liquid, making it taste bliss.

Moreover, the name Moscow Mule has no story behind it. It’s just a random name. Moscow is picked as vodka is a Russian drink, and especially Americans are very fond of relating vodka with Russians. Mule represents the kick in the spicy ginger added to it.

It has recently gained popularity, and the good news is this drink doesn’t favor patriarchy. How nice is it! It is a drink fit for both males and females. But is it enough to make vodka cool again?

Though, with this, vodka cocktails are gaining huge popularity. Mixologists and bar owners have started to have an exclusive range of vodka cocktails in their menu, experimenting with the mixtures at its best. Also, as vodka is a mix-it-all drink, it makes it super effective to add it to anything and everything making the bartenders and mixologists go crazy with their new creations.

You Will Find Vodka Cocktails Everywhere

Be it any bar; new vodka cocktails are on the top of every bar menu. The tiki bars in America known for serving classic drinks, and Mai Tai, a special drink, also have vodka drinks on the menu. One of the famous vodka cocktails they serve is Chi-Chi. It’s a 100% fruit juice that includes pineapple juice, vodka, and coconut cream.

Even the whiskey bars now have vodka cocktails added to their menu. So, even if your friend prefers whiskey and you are a vodka lover, you both can have a common ground and enjoy your respective drinks on the go.

Quick Cocktail Recipe In Hand

It’s not hard to make a cocktail drink at home if you have vodka stocked with you. It is super easy to please someone with your vodka cocktails. Unlike every other cocktail, vodka cocktails are easy to experiment with, as vodka mixes well with everything.

You can have a cocktail ready in no time if you have leftover juice left. Just add in the vodka to it, and you can please a vodka lover easily. So, vodka is a really cool thing to have at home, especially if you are a lazy person.

Won’t Let You Go Broke

On a date? Fear you may have to return home empty-handed after this? No worries, a vodka drink can save your day. Brands like Pristine Vodka pack a punch for the amount they come at, and you can find affordable vodka easily on the market. So, you can stick to your favorite vodka drink and ask your partner to follow.

Retros Are Back In Style

Like the retro style pants, crop tops, neon colors are back in style; Vodka is cool again too! The very famous vodka cocktails are back in the menus of scintillating bars again with new creations.

You can also recreate the old style vodka cocktails like Sex on the Beach and Cosmic Cocktails and give your own twist. Vodka is one drink that never goes out of style and is a great taste enhancer.

James Bond Fan And Not Vodka’s?

Better not call yourself a James Bond fan if you are not cool enough to like Vodka. James Bond itself liked Vodka Martinis, so be cool like James Bond or be drink vodka to be cool again.

Makes The Best Cocktails

Vodka is the best mixer. Even saying this multiple times doesn’t do the justice to how cool vodka is to turn any juice drink into a cocktail. You can have a bar set at your home in no time if you have vodka at home. Be it soda water, tonic water, pineapple juice, cranberry juice, tomato juice, lime juice, iced tea, or ginger beer; there is no limit to how tasty vodka can turn these juices into with few ounces of it in it.

After this, why would drinking vodka not be cool in the first place? The only thing you have to take care of it is your intake capacity. Sometimes vodka drinks get so refreshing and soothing; you forget that it can make you drink if you drink beyond your limit.

Stocking vodka at home is a great idea, especially if you want to wow your guests with your amazing mixing skills. What’s more, it can also help treat various conditions. It acts as a great home remedy as it has antiseptic properties. Check out the Expresso Martini, Cherry Blossom Collins and other such amazing vodka drinks made with Pristine Vodka, if not already!