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Absolute Stress- Pristine All-Natural Vodka

All-Natural Vodka and Fruit Juice- Sip Your Way to Bliss!

Kick off your shoes, sit back, and sip an all-natural vodka cocktail that’s sure to wipe your cares away.

There are quite a few top-notch bartenders who include Pristine Absolute Stress Cocktail on their list of favorites. No one actually remembers when and how the beverage was invented. Passing from one bar to another the recipe became easily recognized and quite popular. 

Often ordered by people out on Friday nights, this drink brings instant relief after a stressful week. It’s very easy to make the Pristine Absolute Stress Cocktail at home and feel like a professional bartender yourself. You will need 5 main ingredients and 5 spare minutes – that’s all! 


Pristine Premium Vodka and fruit juice are a good mix.  It’s fruity, refreshing and delightfully tasty. While this cocktail seems to be a sweet innocent drink we advise you to be careful: just 2 of them can make your face fall off.



The proportions for this cocktail are debated. This energizing version springs forth from New Orleans. Bartenders there prefer to use:

Pristine all-natural vodka, ½ ounce 

Coconut rum, 1/2 ounce

Peach schnapps, 1/2 ounce

Orange juice, 1 ounce

Cranberry juice, 1 ounce


Another standard variant is one where the amount of all ingredients is equal. Keep in mind that this will also alter the size of your drink (and pack a stronger Punch!)

Use 1 Ounce of each:

Pristine all-natural vodka

Coconut rum

Peach schnapps

Orange juice

Cranberry juice


Pick Your Mix

What’s the ends result for each? Which set of proportions is the best? Well, it simply depends on the quality of the alcohol ingredients. If you have less expensive liqueurs on hand, it is better to use equal parts of liqueurs and juices. But if you have top-shelf peach schnapps (for example) you need to use less of it because the flavor is more intense.

The quality of vodka is quite important here as well. It creates the background for sweet flavors to flow through and sets the entire tone of the drink. It is always better to have top-shelf Pristine Premium vodka on hand.

One bartender prepared this beverage adding 1 ounce of pineapple juice which mixes extremely well with rum. Many people like this option and prefer to add pineapple juice to their drinks as a robust alternative.



Chill a Collins glass in a freezer. This is a perfect way to demonstrate professional-level bartender habits that bring out the best in any cocktail!

Next, take 3 or 4 ice cubes and put them into your shaker with Pristine Premium Vodka, coconut rum, orange juice and cranberry juice. Shake well and strain it into the glass. 

Finally, carefully float peach schnapps on top. This will create a special visual effect in the top layer of your drink.

If visual effects are less important to you – just go ahead and mix the schnapps with all the ingredients together in your shaker and strain the entire blend into your glass.


Enjoy It Your Way!

This is one cocktail that is just stunning without additional garnishment. Since garnishing is not always needed, just leave it as is: beautifully colored with fruit juices on the rocks.  However, if you prefer to create a 5-star presentation for your guests it’s better to use a slice of orange and a stemmed red cherry. Or, keep it simple with a sprig of mint.

Many people are just hooked on this cocktail. It relieves stress instantly dissipating the pace of a  busy week in a stuffy office. Pristine Absolute Stress Cocktail transports you to a tropical paradise when you take a sip and close your eyes. Just enter in and enjoy!