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Colorado Bulldog- Pristine Vodka- Pure Vodka

Colorado Bulldog Pristine Pure Vodka

Colorado Bulldog- Pristine pure vodka

Let’s turn our focus to something sweet, fizzy and satisfying. Let’s have a look at the Pristine Colorado Bulldog, made with refreshing, pure vodka! 

Have you ever tried a White Russian? If you liked it then you might want to give Pristine Colorado Bulldog a try. Basically this drink is similar to a White Russian but with a splash of coke to make it bubbly and fun.

The main difference between these two drinks is that Colorado Bulldog is finished with equal proportions of cream and soda instead of cream alone. This adds an interesting taste and makes a creamy drink a little less creamy.

The other difference is the proportion of coffee liqueur to Premium vodka in these two cocktails. As you will see further in the recipe the amount of vodka and coffee liqueur is equal in Pristine Colorado Bulldog compared to the White Russian in which you have a proportion of 2:1.

Of course you can try the same alcohol proportions in a Pristine Colorado Bulldog as the proportions in a White Russian. It will give you an additional hit of coffee flavor.


Pure Vodka, Cream, and Soda. Purely Delicious!

The Pristine Colorado Bulldog drink is so easy to make! Below are some tips to create the tastiest version and presentation of this cocktail.

The Kahlua mixed with Premium vodka in this beverage is a dark Mexican coffee liqueur. It’s very sweet and fairly thick. You can feel the rich taste of a dark Mexican coffee and it gives your drink a robust dark color.

The Pristine Colorado Bulldog requires only four ingredients and can be prepared without the use of a cocktail shaker or any other special equipment.

What bartenders usually do is use a method called “floating liqueurs” which is achieved by ‘floating’ a liquid in a glass by pouring it slowly down a glass rod on top of previous layers or by using an inverted spoon.

Dissolving white (or clear) into the dark brown creates a really nice picture in a Pristine Colorado Bulldog cocktail.



1 ounce of Pristine vodka

1 ounce of coffee liqueur

Cream or thick milk (to taste)

Coke (fill the remainder of the glass)



 You can substitute a thick milk for the cream. Please, do not use Diet Coke and do not use anything less than cream. You don’t want to compromise on the ingredients for this drink. Drinking is a big, bad, delicious evil. No counting calories allowed here.

Overfill your old fashioned glass slightly with ice. Next, add Pristine vodka with coffee liqueur and stir carefully. Then pour some cream and fill your glass to the top with Coke.All the ingredient amounts are variable according to the size of your glass, or your personal tastes.

Lastly, garnish your drink to create a festive look. Plastic sword or other decorative drink accessory would be nice.  Chocolate slivers look good too.

After garnishing, serve your drink straight to avoid having the fizz from your soda disappear.

Next time you have a party surprise your friends by preparing a Pristine Colorado Bulldog Cocktail without checking a drink guide or referring to the internet.