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Glowing Pristine- Pristine Pure Vodka

Glowing Pristine Pure Vodka

Pure Vodka Lights Up the Night

Electric green excites the senses with this bright and festive mixture of Pristine pure vodka and Midori. What makes the cocktail glow green is Midori Melon Liqueur. Midori has Japanese heritage. It’s made of Japanese melons, which give the drink its sweet and distinct taste. “Midori” means verdant, vibrant green in Japanese. 


Disco Roots

This pure vodka and Midori mix launched in the New York City’s legendary Studio 54 (the world wide known nightclub), where many legends of show business, fashion and art were spending their free time. The combination of vodka and Midori even won first prize as part of star cocktail “The Universe” in the US Bartender Guild Annual Competition. 

Sour flavors are often combined with Midori to neutralize its sweetness. Fresh lemon juice, lime juice, orange or pineapple juice are frequently used. For the most common and simple mix just carbonated lemon-lime beverage can be added. 

Dazzling Flavors Combine

In the Glowing Pristine cocktail, the extremely sweet taste of Midori is balanced with Pristine Premium Vodka and lime-lemon soda.

Pristine Premium Vodka always adds an unexpected punch to cocktails, and the Glowing Pristine is no exception. Pure in color and taste Pristine Premium Vodka gives a heightened intensity to the beverage flavor. It becomes the pillar in the cocktail.

This drink is perfect for almost any party. It’s so fast and easy to prepare that anyone who would like a  glass will be satisfied in 2 quick minutes. It is also very simple to add pizzazz to your Glowing Pristine by using an unexpected garnish. Exotic fruits, tinted ice cubes (make them yourself by putting water in a pitcher and adding a few drops of food coloring before pouring into an ice tray and freezing), or even dry ice can add an eye popping addition!

The list of the ingredients is not long and should be readily available.



½  cup ice cube

2 oz Pristine Premium Vodka

1 oz Melon liqueur

1 cup lemon-lime soda


Preparation :

 Use a short glass (a highball one is acceptable too.)

First, put some ice in the glass and leave it to chill. Next, take the Midori and start pouring it together with Pristine Premium Vodka into your glass.

Next, stir the mixture thoroughly. When serving, fill the remainder of the glass with lemon-lime soda. After your drink is ready –  try a sip and if you feel that it’s too sweet for you just increase the amount of Pristine Premium Vodka and add a bit more ice.

This cocktail doesn’t require special garnishing, but you could use a sprig of mint for added freshness. Or, to liven it up further, consider adding a glow stick instead of a cocktail straw or umbrella. The effect is truly dazzling!

Drinking Glowing Pristine you feel the mix of sweet and bitter, strong and soft. Green light consumes you and makes the colors surrounding you brighter.

Don’t miss an opportunity to try this magic, and shine from inside!