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Vodka Greyhound- Pristine All-Natural Vodka

Love Cocktail with Premium Vodka

All-Natural Vodka meets Italian Greyhound: Slow it Down with a Pristine Dawg

The Vodka Greyhound is one more classic drink made better with Pristine all-natural vodka. Stemming back to 1945, the cocktail has been on the frontline in the war between Gin and Vodka. Originally brought from communist Russia, Vodka began taking its position as the leading favorite for all the sorts of mixed drinks. From the legendary Martini to the extremely popular White Russian – Gin was swapped for Vodka. The marketing campaign was so strong that the unknown drink from a rival country fast became the number one spirit and drinking fashion trend. Many people who tried the new version of the Greyhound made with vodka instead of gin, never went back to Gin. They found that the smooth texture and pure taste of all-natural vodka was good cause for a permanent switch. Vodka is more versatile than Gin and combines perfectly with anything – including classic citrus mixes.


Why Less is More with Pristine

The Greyhound was commonly made with a sugary rim to hide the imperfection of the alcohol used in the cocktail. Today’s technology allow us to be confident about vodka’s quality when you choose to use Pristine all-natural vodka.

It seems so simple when there are only two main ingredients in a cocktail. However, you must be certain to choose the right ingredients of high quality because if you fail with one poor choice – you will spoil the entire mixture.


Choose Your Citrus

Grapefruit is a fantastic fruit. It towers above many citrus choices – combining both a bit of bitter and a section of sweet. It is a perfect choice for a summer-afternoon chill or an evening option to raise spirits.

There are two different proportions of alcohol to juice in the cocktail: one is better for the morning and the other one – for the evening.


The Morning Pristine Greyhound:

1 part of Pristine all-natural vodka

2 parts of Grapefruit juice (If possible use freshly squeezed grapefruit juice.)


The Evening Pristine Greyhound:

2 parts of Pristine all-natural Vodka

1 part of Grapefruit juice (If possible use freshly squeezed grapefruit juice.)


When a recipe is this simple you can play with it a bit and bring the new nuances to the taste. One great option is to try the Rosemary-sugar option. You choose one of the Pristine Greyhound alternatives above and simply add a few more key ingredients as listed below:


The additional ingredients for the Rosemary Pristine Greyhound:

1 tablespoon of freshly-chopped Rosemary

¼ cup of sugar

A splash of  Aperol



In a food processor combine rosemary and sugar. It’s best to use an old fashioned glass for the Greyhound. It looks simple and cool – reflecting the essence of the drink. Now rub the edge of the glass with a fresh wedge of grapefruit to bring out a wonderfully natural flavor. Put the rosemary sugar (prepared int he blender) on a plate and rim the glass.


Fill the glass with ice and pour Pristine Premium vodka and juice. Top it off with a splash or two of Aperol.  Stir your beverage gently and enjoy.


You can garnish the cocktail with a spring of fresh rosemary or a grapefruit wedge.



An alternative ‘Salty Dog’ Pristine Greyhound:

Take a few drops of the Aperol and rub along the rim of the glass. Dip the wet edge into a plate of salt and you will have a completely new cocktail – known among bartenders as the Salty Dog.