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Limeade- Pristine Premium Vodka

Pristine Vodka Limeade Premium Vodka

Someone famous once said: “When life gives you limes, make limeade!”

What could be better to help you cool down on a hot afternoon than premium vodka and lime juice? A magical drink whisking you away to the shade of the palm trees on a desert island. A drink which is simple to make and amazingly refreshing – sip by little sip!

Often you see the names of beverages ending with “ade” : these three magic letters indicate the type of drink based on a single fruit flavor. Such fruits are usually from citrus family like lemon, orange or lime. “Ade” is known to be refreshing and commonly associated with hot summer days but that doesn’t mean you can’t drink it in winter.

The main ingredient of limeade is lime. This beverage originally comes from Egypt where the first trace of lime/lemon drink was found a bit more than a thousand years ago. The story mentions not only soft drinks but also mixed drinks including alcohol. Nowadays limeade is widespread in such hot places as Jamaica and Mexico as well as countless others. The popularity of the drink stems from its simple recipe, which only requires heat and an abundance of limes. 


Pristine Premium Vodka and limeade create a stellar combination.

It doesn’t matter if it’s just some ice, Pristine Premium Vodka and lime, or a complex cocktail made by a professional bartender. Lime is a great alternative to lemon for many cocktails because its tangy flavor balances out sweet ingredients and gives the drink a smooth texture. It doesn’t have an extremely intense flavor either – just a perfect blend.

The basic limeade recipe we offer here includes lime, sugar or honey, ice and water.

The beverage is simple to make from scratch but you can always use limeade concentrate from a supermarket. Keep in mind that ready-made concentrate tends to be much sweeter than that natural, homemade version. So the sweet taste can cover all other flavors in some recipes.

Pristine Premium Vodka in this cocktail serves as a blank canvas, allowing the flavor of other ingredients to shine.



6 oz of limeade (ready-made concentrate or homemade)

3 oz of Pristine Premium Vodka

1 tray of ice cubes



First of all, prepare a simple syrup by adding two parts of sugar to one part of boiling water in a saucepan and stir.  Make sure the sugar melts thoroughly. Then pour the syrup into a jar, and add some water and squeeze a lime. 

The ideal measurement is one cup of water, one table spoon of sugar and a half of a lime.

You can prepare extra simple syrup and keep it in a closed container in the fridge up to three weeks 

Chill a highball glass with some ice. Simply mix 6 oz of limeade with 3 oz of Pristine Premium Vodka. Pour the mix over ice, garnish and serve.

Lime or lemon wedge could be used for a simple garnish. Another great alternative is to garnish with a mint sprig or an orange wedge. The garnishing itself may inspire some ideas for Pristine Premium Vodka and limeade cocktails.

It’s a good idea to have lime, sugar, Pristine Premium Vodka and ice on hand so you’ll be ready anytime if someone stops by unexpectedly for cocktail hour.