Pristine Dawg

Pristine Dawg: Italian Greyhound…Too fast!

If you love Grapefruit (especially sweet ones), you’ll love this mix where Pristine Vodka meets Ruby Red


  • • 2 ounces of Pristine Vodka
  • • Rosemary Sugar: 1 tablespoon fresh Chopped Rosemary  and 1/4 sugar
  • • 4 ounces freshly squeezed pink or red grapefruit juice.
  • • Splash Aperol
  • • Mint leaf (optional)

Fill an old-fashioned glass halfway up with ice. Pour all the ingredients into the glass. Serve with a straw. Add mint for garnish. Combine the rosemary and sugar. Rub the edge of glass on wedge of fresh citrus-grapefruit would be perfect. Put some of the Rosemary sugar on plate and rim the glass. Fill the glass with crush ice. Add Pristine Vodka and juice, and top with a splash or two of Aperol. Swirl or stir gently-enjoy.

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Pristine Vodka

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