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Summer Beer Cocktail with Pristine Pure Vodka

summer beer cocktail pristine pure vodka

The Excitement of Summer is Enhanced with Pure Vodka

In summer there are quite a few reasons to open your doors wide and gather your friends for a party– a delicious and refreshing drink made with Pristine pure vodka is most certainly a good reason! 

When getting ready for your backyard BBQ, keep in mind, many things have to be planned and prepared in advance. From furniture and entertainment for the guests – to appetizers and desserts.  When it comes to the cocktails: you want them to be nicely garnished, tasty, simple and convenient to walk around with. The quantity of people determines the choice of alcoholic beverages – and usually some firsts on the list are pure vodka, lemonade, and beer.  While gin once reigned supreme as the summer liquor of choice, pure and delicious Premium Vodkas like Pristine have made that a thing of the past and vodka has pulled ahead of traditional gin.


A Unique Twist

While the mix of vodka and beer sounds quite dangerous,  but in moderation it’s not dangerous at all and in fact very tasty if you use Pristine Premium Vodka with its smooth clear taste. Pristine Premium Vodka enriches the cocktail with strong flavor and no bitterness.

The quality of beer is important. It shouldn’t be too strong and should also have the least smell of beer possible for the best mixed drink results.  The ingredient which combines well both with Premium vodka and beer is Lemonade.  Lemonade is such a well-loved summer beverage! Almost everyone you met would like a glass of cool lemonade on a hot summer day. There is such a wide range of lemonades in the supermarkets that you can’t go wrong with any choice you make.  For this recipe lemonade concentrate is one possibility. If you prefer organic products, make a few jars of home-made lemonade yourself and your guests will love it!

Depending on the amount of lemonade in the cocktail the taste can vary from candy-sweet to a slightly bitter. Find the best ratio that most pleases your own tastebuds.



3 ounces of Pristine Premium Vodka

24 ounces of beer (2 cans or bottles)

6 ounces of Lemonade concentrate (1 can)



Pour Pristine Premium Vodka, beer and lemonade in one container. Stir it really well and … that’s it!


Use small frozen glasses for serving. Garnish with either a lime or lemon wedge according to taste.  If you prepared this cocktail for a great deal of company, just pour it in a punch bowl with floating lemon or lime slices next to a side bowl of ice and people will help themselves.

Try this recipe once and you will want to do it again. People just love it! 

It is so inexpensive and so simple to make!


You may recall in your college days that there is a commonly made mix which had the same ingredients. It was called “Strip and Go Naked!”  Students usually consumed a high quantity of it and anything could have happened?  As long as you are mindful of how much you are drinking and how long it takes to process the alcohol, you should be fine. Go slow and enjoy the glow!