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Vodka Gimlet- Pristine Vodka- Premium Vodka

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Premium Vodka: The Best Medicine

This is an absolute favorite drink! You cannot go wrong with the classics, especially when made with Pristine premium vodka! It’s such a great pleasure to make one of the most popular drinks of all times in Pristine fashion – the Vodka Gimlet. The drink has its origins in the Royal Navy.

Surgeon General Sir Thomas Gimlette first combined lime cordial with gin to help the men from the Royal Navy under his care to fight breakouts of scurvy on the long voyages. Scurvy was spread among the seaman of the navy due to the lack of vitamin C as there were no possibility to get fresh fruit or vegetables during their trips.  So the Gimlet was created by the doctor as a kind of medication and named after its inventor  – the Surgeon General.

But there is another story surrounding the origin of the name for this cocktail. The derivation of the word “gimlet” has another meaning. The name of the beverage was first used in 1928, but actually the word itself can mean the tool for drilling small holes or something really sharp. So it’s easy to imagine that the name was given to this drink because of its “pervasive” effects on the drinker.


Our Homage to the Classic Cocktail

This variant of the cocktail improves the flavor by replacing gin with Pristine Premium Vodka. To tell the truth, the vodka version is more popular today than the original recipe with gin.

The gin recipe was first published in The New York Times on September 15, 2002. The author  is William L. Hamilton who had his column “Shaken and Stirred” in the newspaper. This Gimlet was served at the Fifty Seven Bar at the Four Seasons Hotel and was extremely popular among the customers. The recipe calls for the cocktail to be shaken with ice so prepare your shaker and some fresh ice before starting.



4 ounces of  Pristine Premium vodka

1⁄2 ounce of fresh lime juice

1⁄2 ounce of Rose’s lime juice

lime wedge for garnish



Chill a cordial glass with ice.

Scoop some ice into a shaker, pour Pristine Premium vodka and Rose’s lime juice over the ice, squeeze fresh lime juice, cover the shaker and shake well.

Strain into the prepared glass and garnish with a lime wedge.


Spice Things Up

This recipe has quite a few variations. The ingredients are more or less the same but the proportion of juice to alcohol is different. For example, The New York Bartender guide lists 3:1 ration of Premium vodka to lime juice; but Rose’s lime juice label gives 1.5 to 1 for alcohol and juice in the cocktail.

There is also a special recipe of Gimlet from Stuart Woods’ novels. He offers to store a ready- drink in a freezer overnight and then serve it.

The Carnaby Gimlet variation was created in Italy. This one tops the drink with cold spring water.

Bartender Jeffry from Oregon created his own version with mint and called it the Richmond Gimlet.

Over the years as you can see the recipe keeps getting new twists adapting along the way to various consumers’ taste buds. But what stays untouched is the base of pure alcohol and lime juice. You can change the ratio according to your taste, play with lime cordial or juice, but the Pristine Premium Vodka remains.