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Melon Bowl- Pristine Vodka- Premium Vodka

pristine premium vodka melon bowl

Premium Vodka and Fresh Fruit-A Summer Hit!

Are you looking for something unusual for your summer pool party? Or maybe you just feel like you really want a watermelon. When the season is right for the supermarkets to start selling seedless watermelons, you need to go and grab a middle-sized striped green ball of sweet pleasure. Don’t forget to also grab a few bottles of Pristine Premium Vodka! Now you are ready  for some great ideas for your Premium Pristine Vodka – Melon Bowls!


#1 Pristine Infused Watermelon

 When you bring the watermelon home, put in on the table and take a simple, sharp knife. Cut a hole on the top of your melon. The size of the hole should be equal to about size of a parfait or teaspoon or even the neck of a vodka bottle. Now use your spoon to scoop a bit of the top out and a bit from inside, and some juices as well. Take the bottle of Pristine Premium Vodka and put it upside down into the watermelon by turning it on its side first, before making it perpendicular to avoid spilling too much. Leave the melon like this up to 12 hours. The amount of vodka that is absorbed, depends on the size of the watermelon. So when you see that the liquid from the bottle is no longer draining into the watermelon or the bottle has emptied entirely, take the bottle out and chill the watermelon in the fridge for a while.

Boom! The best adult summer treat is ready! Chop it up and enjoy!

But, please, eat responsibly.

 #2 Pristine Melonade


1 medium watermelon

2 bottles of Pristine Premium Vodka

1 quart of white cranberry juice

1 bundle of fresh mint leaves


First prepare your watermelon bowls by cutting the melon in half and carefully slicing off a small piece of the rind (without going into the flesh) on the bottom round side to create a flat base. This adds stability to the melon halves and prevents minor accidents.

Using a melon-baller, carve out the flesh until the bowls are hollow. 

Place any extra non-balled melon in a blender and make juice out of it. Pour equal amount of Pristine Premium Vodka and watermelon juice into both bowls. Add as many reserved water melon balls as will fit in each bowl. If you want to add a strong mint flavor, chop some fresh mint and add it to the mixture at this stage. 

Store extra Pristine Premium Vodka and watermelon balls in a container for refilling later. 

Place the bowls in a fridge and allow the watermelon to absorb the vodka for at least 3 hours. It is best if you can start the preparation the day before to allow time to keep the watermelon bowls in the fridge overnight.

For one drink add three skewered, infused melon balls to a highball glass. In a shaker combine equal parts of the infused Pristine Premium vodka and white cranberry juice. Add 3-4 ice cubes and some freshly chopped mint leaves. 

Shake the mixture really well and pour it into prepared glasses. You can garnish this cocktail with a mint sprig. The combination of icy pink and green is just perfect.

Now you are ready to have an entertaining watermelon party!!!