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White Russian– Pristine Premium Vodka

White Russian Pristine Premium Vodka

The “Russian” Comes from Premium Vodka

The White Russian is the older brother of the Black Russian. This is a top Premium vodka classic cocktail. The motherland of the White Russian is the USA. The beverage got its name from the key ingredient, which is very Russian, Premium vodka. The Oxford Dictionary refers to the “White Russian” as the name of the cocktail first named in 1965 but the cocktail was actually invented much earlier.  The Savoy book published the recipe of the cocktail called “Russian” in 1930. The beverage included vodka, gin and cream de cacao. The similarities to the modern White Russian should be obvious. Next, came the “Black Russian” in 1949 – a mix of vodka and coffee liquor. Something in between these two beverages gave birth to the White Russian we know and drink today.


The Dude

The White Russian gains its popularity from the Big Lebowski film. There was The Dude, who was making it, ordering it, and drinking it on any occasion. If there was no cream or milk on hand he used milk powder (never copy this version, please). The film brings the Cult of the Dude and the Cult of White Russian. 

Long Live Lebowski Fest

The biggest splash of  popularity of the drink comes in 2002. The Lebowski Fest is the gathering where fans reveal a deeply casual Dude’s life philosophy. The White Russian was consumed at these gatherings in oil-tanker quantities.  Some men were dressed up as the Dude character, among them there were 4  who showed up in “White Russian” costumes: white pants, white shirts and brown fuzzy hats.

Milk was sold out in all the supermarkets and even at small gas stations within a one-mile radius. The bartenders where lifting 12-quart plastic tubes pouring the muddy liquid all night long.

Lebowski fans had raised White Russians to icon status.

 “When I do drink a White Russian, it goes down easy,” Mr. Dowd the prototype for the Dude said. “It actually is a good drink. It’s essentially a liquefied ice cream cone that you can buy in a bar.”

But getting so enthusiastic that you drink only White Russians all night long can cause a nightmare hang over the next morning. So proceed with caution when enjoying this sweet drink.



Depending on the size of the drink, use equal parts of the following:

Pristine Premium Vodka

Kahlua or any other coffee liquor

Heavy cream

This is the original recipe. If you prefer something stronger, then the amount of Pristine Premium Vodka can be changed to 2 parts. For something lighter, swap milk for the heavy cream.


First, pour coffee liquor and Pristine Premium Vodka into a chilled old fashioned glass filled with ice. Then float fresh cream on the top and stir slowly.

For a twist, shake the cream before pouring it into your Pristine White Russian it will produce more bubbles and more texture.  Then the cream will lay thicker and the drink will be smoother filling your body with proteins and the alcohol.

Make it Perfectly Yours

If you have enough Pristine Premium Vodka in your bar and like to experiment, here are some variations of this cold classic for you:

Anna Kournikova — A White Russian with skim milk

Bolshevik — A White Russian with Irish Crème liqueur instead of milk

White Meseta–A White Russian with a splash of bourbon

Brown Russian–A White Russian with powdered chocolate drink mix

White Vegan–A White Russian with soy milk

Cocaine Lady–A White Russian with peppermint

Dirty Russian–A White Russian with chocolate syrup

Russian Yoo-Hoo–A White Russian with Yoo-Hoo instead of milk

White Canadian–A White Russian with goat’s milk