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Alexander Bratslavsky, as both founder and importer of Pristine, has passionately worked to deliver premium vodka of high quality from his native Ukraine to the U.S. The best way to acquaint yourself with the superior quality of Pristine Vodka is to try it for yourself. We recommend getting to know Pristine with Alex’s favorite “cocktail”: Pristine in a rocks glass, over ice. Sip, enjoy, and awaken your taste buds with Pristine Vodka!

Ready to Buy?

Does your favorite shop carry Pristine? Check out our list of liquor stores and see if your favorite spot is on our list! Click here to see restaurants serving Pristine. If you want to see Pristine at your favorite shop or watering hole, let them know!


Retailers: Pristine Vodka is a MUST HAVE Product for 2021

Has a patron come in to your Bar, Restaurant, or Nightclub asking about Pristine Premium Vodka?

If not, they will. 

We choose to call our vodka Pristine because the word is what best describes it. Pure, all-natural vodka. Made from the best ingredients on the planet. Crafted by master distillers with decades of experience, using a super-secret distillation technique. Imported for the heart of Vodka Country in Ukraine to your establishment. Simple. Elegant. And in a class of its own.

Pristine is an up-and-coming and quickly growing premium vodka brand. It is available in a number of restaurants, bars, and liquor stores throughout upstate New York. With its fresh, smooth flavor and boasting an incredible value over other premium vodka brands, Pristine is bound to shine, any way you imbibe it! Whether it pulls together the ingredients of your favorite cocktail, dances around the ice in a rocks glass, or gives a kick to a delicious vodka cream sauce, you’re going to LOVE it.

Highly Rated for Its Exceptional Quality

Pristine Vodka has been lauded for its excellent quality in many professional reviews, including Tasting Panel Magazine and the International Review of Spirits. Each organization awarded Pristine Vodka 93 points. (Gold Medals)

What’s everyone else saying? 

Our testimonials speak for themselves.

“…I am sure it would make a great martini, but I just hated to tarnish that ‘pristine’ taste with anything else… Pristine is now my go-to vodka for top shelf vodka. The price was less than Grey Goose or Ketel One. I just wish there were more places that stocked it…” 

– Marcy A.

“…This terrific new vodka sold out at both tastings at my store at the end of last year. This is one of the best values we carry in a very large vodka section.”

-Matthew L.

“…Wow! What a wonderful product. It has a great name, a beautiful bottle and the vodka inside is tremendous.”

-Todd Y.

 A Premium Vodka from the Heart of Vodka Country

Sophisticated consumers are hot on the trail of products that are authentic, crafted, special, and delicious. The craft beverage market is booming, and no one knows how to craft vodka better than Eastern Europe. The country of Ukraine sports some of the best natural ingredients for vodka-making. Crystal clear spring water. Nutrient rich soil. An abundance of high-quality wheat. It all adds up to vodka perfection!

Pristine Vodka is an ideal addition to any bar or shelf. Its sleek bottle is attractive. And the taste…you’ve got to try it to believe it. Contact us for information on pricing, or simply fill out the form below and we’ll be happy to contact you.

Where can I get Pristine Vodka?



Tovtry Importing Inc. dba Pristine
1540 Central Ave, Colonie NY 12205
+1 518-229-6050

See what makes Pristine vodka perfection. Best taste, gorgeous packaging, and attractive buy levels make Pristine Vodka a WIN for your business and consumers. Contact us at [email protected] for more details.

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