Please do visit one of our online liquor stores to experience the most exciting vodka. Let's hit the shelves since Dmitri Mendeleev first set the vodka percentage standard in 1894! Let's get into the details below...

With the release of Pristine Vodka, the world of vodka enthusiasts in the West can now vast in the excitement of finally having a vodka that is true to the way it's supposed to be made. The meticulous charcoal filtration and the perfect distillation process enhances the natural ingredients of the drink. This also creates a refreshingly smooth texture from the very start to the finish. Pristine Vodka, a nicely blend wheat-based vodka, is "gravity filtered" from 3 stories high. This is a natural process not a forced process. And the process also makes all the difference in creating a truly PRISTINE experience.

Many (even all the other top shelf vodkas) use water that is "forced" through filtration losing its valuable minerals. Pristine Vodka's process sources its water from deep within the Carpathian Mountains. These mountains are the part of ancient wild forest of Europe with no agriculture or industrial activity in the surrounding areas. Hence, there are no chemicals, fertilizers, or contaminants taint the product. Thus, leaving nature's pristine minerals in the water and adding LIFE to the end result. And as you know...LIFE is EXCITEMENT and ADVENTURE!

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Saratoga Wine Exchange

Local delivery to Albany NY area and shipping to select states

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All Star Wine and Spirits

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Viscount Wine & Liquor

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