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There’s only one city in the world baring this name. Schenectady, NY boasts a rich history, charming neighborhoods, and a vibrant downtown with a nightlife that continues to grow. If it’s been a while since you’ve made a visit to the Electric City, now’s your chance! Let Pristine bring you on a Schenectady NY vodka adventure!

The Good Old Days

Any trip to Schenectady will show you glimpses of the city’s past. Like many other small cities in the area, Schenectady shined brightest during the industrial heyday of the 20th century. One gem of this era is Proctor’s Theater on Broadway. Originally built in 1912, the theater is now a vibrant piece of Schenectady’s past and future. Proctor’s is a great place to catch a movie, a concert, or any sort of performing arts show. Off-Broadway troupes are frequent visitors to the Proctor’s stage. Food and drink are available for purchase as well, and this is one of many places around Schenectady where you can enjoy Pristine Vodka!

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New and Notable

In 2014 the city of Schenectady was chosen as the site for a casino project. Rivers Casino and Resort is a great destination for a day, night, or long weekend away. The complex is situated on the banks of the Mohawk River, so be prepared to forget you’re in a city with some stunning sunsets and river views!

If you like the excitement of pressing your luck, then this little casino is a match made in heaven for you. Over 1100 slots, table games, and video gaming options await!

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And if you’ve got an appetite, you’re in luck! Rivers Casino and Resort is home to several great restaurants. From fancy to casual, brunch to dessert, there is something for everyone. There are many drink options, too. And if you’re keen to know where else in Schenectady NY vodka can be found– look no further. The best vodka is right here at Rivers Casino and Resort. On the rocks, if you please. 

The entertainment options available at Rivers is enough to entice anyone. The areas hottest deejays, smooth jazz tunes, local and national acts, there is something for everybody. 

Pounding the Pavement

Schenectady has a pedestrian shopping district that’s cute, unique, and loaded with small city charm! If the weather’s fine, check out Jay Street downtown. Just a few blocks long, Jay Street is home to several shops and galleries just bursting with local art. Antiques, unique foods, and one-of-a-kind boutiques make Jay Street unlike other shopping districts. Jay Street also hosts a summer market featuring local farm goods, arts, crafts, and baked goods. There are events going on here during nicer weather months, and trust me, you don’t want to miss out.

Good Eats

schenectady vodkaOne of the BEST things about Schenectady is that it is there are SO MANY excellent places to eat. It isn’t a chain-food wasteland like many other places in America. Schenectady is chock full of locally-owned restaurants, and if you’re looking for some good Italian cooking, you’ve come to the right city! Schenectady even has its own “Little Italy” neighborhood. In the heart of it, you’ll find Cornell’s in Little Italya warm and inviting restaurant with a menu bursting with Italian favorites. Enjoy large portions of their homemade pastas and impeccable sauce. This Schenectady landmark is sure to please.

If you’re looking for something a little more exciting than your standard Italian fare, check out Tara Kitchen. This Moroccan restaurant is just around the corner from Little Italy, and is just as warm and inviting. Enjoy delicately spiced meals in an intimate setting, with out-of-this-world baklava for dessert. It’s easy to see why Tara Kitchen wins so many awards for taste and quality.

Bringing Schenectady NY Vodka Home

Pristine Vodka is available at many great stores and restaurants in and around Schenectady, NY. If you desire a bottle to call your own, take the short drive up to Personal Wine Cellar in Glenville, NY. Shop with the comfort and atmosphere of a home-town store, but with the pricing and selection of one of the big guys. Personal Wine Cellar has the best of both worlds! And of course, you can find Pristine Vodka on their shelves. Stop by during a tasting event and you may even see Alex there!

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